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Iron Max 1/18/16

A 5-year-old superhero made his Marvel debut as “Iron Max” in the Iron Man comic book.

When Max Levy had a metal plate inserted in his chest to assist his battle against hemophilia, he quickly realized, “I’m Iron Man!,” according to an article on

Marvel writers got wind of the story when #IronMax appeared on social media.

Along with the Iron Max comic, his photo and story were featured in the back, with hopes to inspire children everywhere who are battling a disease.



Space Fashion 1/15/16

Virgin Galactic partnered with Adidas’ Y-3 designer to create fashionable spacesuits.

Following the 2014 test flight fatality, Virgin Galactic is working to unveil a new spaceplane in Feb. 2016, where the new apparel will be tested during practice flights, according to

The spacesuit will be designed using 3-D engineered patterns and special boots made with leather and soles that provide ultimate shock absorption.



Zika Disease 1/14/16

Pregnant women were warned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) against the Zika virus while traveling in Latin American countries.

The virus was reportedly spread through mosquito bites and linked to microcephaly, a neurological disease that can lead to death or developmental issues, according to the CDC.

Pregnant women are urged to take precaution against mosquitoes, as infants with microcephaly showed traces of the Zika virus.



Bride Helps Women’s Shelter 1/20/16

A bride left at the alter hosts a wedding reception for a local women’s shelter, according to the

Six weeks prior to her set wedding date, Dana Olsen’s fiancé ended their engagement, leaving her with a nonrefundable wedding reception.

Olsen contacted Mary’s Place in Seattle, WA and invited the women to enjoy a night at an elaborately decorated venue complete with catered food, and a live band.

The story inspired makeup artists and hair stylists to volunteer their time to make sure the women attending looked their best.



Pain Killer Kills in France  1/18/16

A patient in France died during clinical trials for a pain killer drug.

Five additional participants have been hospitalized, according to the University Hospital of Rennes.

Three days after the Phase I trials began, testing ceased when participants became ill, according to an article on

Four may suffer neurological damage and permanent physical impairments, while one did not displayed any symptoms.

The French Health Ministry has continued to investigate the cause of the fatality.



Tennis matches gets cheated 1/18/16

Tennis superstar Novack Djokovic was bribed with $200,000 to throw a match early in his career, according to an article by the Huffington Post.

In the midst of match-fixing allegations while at the Australian Open, Djokovic shared that he responded to this 2007 incident by refusing to play in the tournament.

Djokovic referred to match-fixing as “unsportsmanship” and “a crime in sport.”



Cashews Will Get You Sick 1/19/16

Trader Joe’s recalled raw cashew nuts after the supplier sent a salmonella warning for the product, according to

The grocery chain requested that customers who purchased “Trader Joe’s Raw Cashew Pieces” marked “Best Before 07.17.2016TF4” dispose of them or return them to the store for a full refund.

The snack was distributed to 31 stores, mostly in the mid-west and east coast.



Power Ranger Arrested  1/14/16

Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina was arrested for murder after allegedly stabbing his roommate with a sword, according to

The attack was reported on Jan. 31, 2015 after an alleged argument over Medina’s girlfriend.

Medina was arrested with a bail set at $1 million.

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