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By Joshua Adamson |Staff Writer|

Oct. 7 Bombshell Trump Video 

A previously unseen video in which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump makes lewd comments about women was posted online by the Washington Post.

The video, a conversation between Trump and Billy Bush, then of Access Hollywood, was filmed in 2005.

Multiple Republican officials have called on Trump to resign from the race.

Oct. 8 Vermont Police Shooting Justified

Vermont prosecutors said that the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man was justified.

According to state law enforcement, Franklin County Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Palmier shot Jesse Beshaw, 29, six times and brushed him on a seventh shot in Winooski, Vermont on Sept. 27.

Prosecutors said that Beshaw was known to have a firearm and moved towards Palmier with his right hand hidden at the waist.

Oct. 8 Palm Springs Shooting

Two law enforcement officers were fatally shot by a lone gunman in Palm Springs.

Police had attempted to get the gunman to step out of a house when shots were fired on officers from behind a closed front door.

The 26-year-old alleged gunman, John Felix, was taken into custody after a 12-hour standoff.

Oct. 10 Florida Voting Registration Extended

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Walker extended the deadline for Florida residents to register to vote by one day, Wednesday the 26, until he could hold a hearing on a lawsuit brought by the Florida Democratic Party.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott had denied a request from the Hillary Clinton campaign to extend the voter registration deadline beyond Tuesday the 25 due to Hurricane Matthew.

Oct. 11 McDonald’s Reacts to Clowns

McDonald’s Corp. said that its mascot Ronald McDonald will be kept out of the spotlight due to recent public sightings of unsettling clowns.

The company said that it is being thoughtful in regards to the mascot’s participation in public events, according to the Associated Press.

This move came after a series of national pranks involving creepy clowns that have led to police responses in some parts of the country.

Oct. 13 HIV Resistant Children

Scientists in South Africa have identified a rare group of children who are not affected by the effects of HIV.

Known as HIV non-progressors, such children will never develop AIDS, even if they are not given antiretroviral medication.

Scientists are unsure why these children are HIV resistant, but one of the reasons may be low levels of immune activation.

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