New year, new sports

By Luis Petty |Staff Writer|


Fall offers Coyote athletes opportunities to leave their mark on their teams and own careers.

Our athletic Coyotes gave it their all this 2013- 2014 year and we anticipate their performances for the fall quarter with static curiosity.

Our women’s volley ball team had an amazing year with an amazing 26 wins and only 6 losses from a total of 32 games this past fall quarter.

The Volley ball team developed amazing statis- tics this year and finished second to the NCAA Ha- waii’s Brigham Young University after making it to the NCAA’s west regionals 14 consecutive times.

Our Coyotes also finished in 9th place in the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Division II Coaches top 25 poll for the 2013 year.

Kim Morohunfola, a previous Coyote who led her volley ball team at CSUSB for the 2001,2002 and 2003 years was inaugurated into the NCAA’ Hall of Fame this past April.

The men’s soccer team is revering to start their fall quarter on Sept. 4 against the Academy of Art in San Francisco with their new coach Steve Ralos who was an- nounced to be head coach of the men’s soccer program by the director of athletics Kevin Hatcher and who previously

coached at Jose State University.
Lee Nishanian, a previous Coyote signed a one

year contract with the Galaxy II professional Ameri- can soccer team.

“I’m thrilled to death to have the opportunity to play professionally and the way that it all came down to being a part of the Galaxy family is unbelievable,” stated Nishanian according to the Mark Reinhiller media relations for CSUSB.

Our Cross country team is also ready to go for the fall quarter for their first meet on Sept. 6 against UC Irvine. For their past fall quarter achievement, cross country finished in 17th place out of 23 teams in the NCAA West Region x-country at the Plantes Ferry Sports Complex.

The Coyotes cross country team have also be recognized as a member of the 2013 NCAA Divi- sion II all-academic team by the U.S. Track and field Cross Country couches association for the 14 time in the past 15 years.

“It’s a point of pride that our teams have worked hard and excelled in the classroom,” stated Cross Country’s Coach Tom Burleson according to Rein- hiller.

Many members of the cross country team are also ready to try out for CSUSB’s new addition to our sports, track and field.

As of March 31 2013 women’s water polo will no longer be offered as a sport as CSUSB according CSUSB Director of Athletics Dr. Kevin Hatcher an- nouncement to the school.

Though it was the source of controversy, by the some water polo players, the school moved on with their decision and tried to deal with the situation as best they could.

This fall cross country will be a new sport only opened to women as an attempt to fulfill title 9 re- quirements, which requires a school to have men and women sports that reflect the male to female pollu-

tion to a given school. CSUSB mate

to female ratio is about 4-6 and cross country will fill in for women’s water polo as the 6th sport for the upcoming fall quarter.

As we head to the
end of this academic
nothing less than enthusiastic as we look for- ward to the new upcoming fall season.

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