Lazy Dog: It’s a dog-eat-dog world

By Kevin Schaefer |Staff Writer|

The Lazy Dog Cafe, an up-and-coming restaurant and bar, offers a wide array of tastes under one roof for all the Inland Empire.

They have different cuisines such as American, Italian and Chinese, just to name a few.

With most locations open every night until midnight, The Lazy Dog Cafe is open for friends to unwind, grub and grab a few drinks after a long day.

When you open the doors to the restaurant, you will see a country style waiting area with much wood decor and a high ceiling complete with a wood chandelier.

The setting gives a feeling of the comforts of home and is reminiscent of a wooden lodge high in the alps. You almost feel as if you are coming in from a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

The cafe has happy hours Monday through Friday between 3-6 p.m. and Sunday through Thursday 9 p.m.-close (bar & patio only).

With a new location in Rancho Cucamonga off of 4th street, The Lazy Dog Cafe is not too far from campus.

Upland resident Sandra Sandoval enjoys the selection of tastes The Lazy Dog Cafe has to offer.

“The food is really good! I mean, It’s a big variety, which I’m not used to … you have Asian, you have Mexican, you have American, you even have Indian and Italian. Where are you going to find all of that in one restaurant?” said Sandoval.

Sandoval also stated that the staff does a great job at making their guests feel welcomed and catered to. “The environment is really nice. Everyone is really friendly. The staff is excellent, even if they are not waiting on your table they will still come over to ask if you need anything. You don’t really get that at a lot of places,” she said.

With 11 restaurants all around Southern California, The Lazy Dog Cafe is the first restaurant chain to actually have a lazy dog hall of fame that showcases canine photographs inside the store and online.

When I arrived at The Lazy Dog myself I was greeted warmly by one of the servers who was able to sit me immediately.

Looking at the menu, the restaurant offers both appetizers around $10 as well as small plate dishes closer to $5. This is great for those who do not want too much food yet would still like to experience what The Lazy Dog has to offer.

Most of the entree items are moderately priced with most burger and noodle dishes on the menu between $10 and $15. The meat and seafood dishes range from $15 and $20.

I began with a small plate of Mediterranean Pizzetti, which was exotic mushrooms, caramelized onions, Laura Chenel goat cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, basil and balsamic reduction on bread.

For my main course I selected the lamb stroganoff, which is shredded braised lamb, mushrooms and peas tossed with fettuccine, Romano, rich burgundy wine and sour cream sauce.

Cafe does not begin to describe this full-sized restaurant which offers booth seating and bar seating in addition to patio seating.

If you would like to learn more about The Lazy Dog Cafe, try their website or their Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.

The Lazy Dog Cafe offers a big selection of delicious food, great staff and fun atmosphere.



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