New Orleans gearing up for NBA All-Star Game

Steph Curry fan shows off her favorite jersey of her favorite player.

By Tyler Vanderelst |Staff Writer|

With the NBA All-Star break coming up on Feb. 17, fans will be watching the best of the best go up against each other.

Top players like LeBron James of the Cavaliers and Steph Curry of the Warriors headline the list of All-Star starters.

The NBA All-Star game is a showcase of all the best players from the Western and Eastern conferences.

The Eastern Conference includes players like: Lebron James and Kyrie Irving both from the Cavaliers and Demar Derozan from the Raptors who have again shown why they have been considered some of the best players in the East.

The Western Conference comes in looking just as good as the East. They have Steph Curry and Kevin Durant both from the Warriors and James Harden of the Rockets.

While the potential MVP Russell Westbrook of the Thunder was selected to the All-Star game but as a backup.

This has left fans wondering how someone who is having one of the greatest seasons in recent NBA history is coming off the bench in the All-Star game.

Terrance Williams has been a fan of basketball his entire life, while he has grown up a Lakers fan he enjoys watching Westbrook play.

“I was shocked when I found out Westbrook wasn’t a starter after having one of the greatest seasons ever,” said Williams.

With only limited spots available on the All-Star teams many players who believed they should have made the All-Star game got snubbed.

Some of the players who got snubbed were players like Damian Lilliard on the Trail Blazers, who is one of the top point guards in the NBA. Another player who didn’t make the cut was Kristaps Porzingis who plays for the New York Knicks.

Arguably the best player in the NBA this year is Russell Westbrook has he didn’t make the starting team because he didn’t get as many votes as the popular Steph Curry.

Because the teams are chosen from fans votes, the implicit bias limits some players who deserve to make it.

With the NBA being filled with talent it is always a hard process on choosing how the All-Star’s are chosen. Cameron Theis thinks they should change how the All-Star teams get picked.

“I think the NBA should get rid of the fan vote or making less prioritized and let the players and coaches pick the best players so it is not a popularity contest,” said Theis.

Many players don’t make the cut because they are on a less popular team than some of the other players.

With the top two teams being in the last two championships it has made them a little more popular than the other teams.

The reigning champions the Cleveland Cavaliers had three players selected to the All-Star game which is more than any other team on the East had.

While the most popular team in the NBA right now the Golden State Warriors had four players selected to the game which is three more than any other team had.

With the lineups set, it is looking to be another fun All-Star game with the NBA’s best talent they have to offer.