New ASI President: First female CSUSB ASI President in 15 years

By Emily Anne Espinosa |News & Politics Editor|

Andrea Davalos has been elected as ASI President for 2017-2018 and she’s excited to contribute more towards student success.

When Davalos was announced as the president-elect, Davalos stated she was in shock. “When they said the results, I think I started crying, just because I couldn’t believe it,” said Davalos.

The election was especially significant for Davalos because both her and Riane Helo both contributed to making the election historical, with the final result being the first female president in the last 15 years.

“Either way, it’s going to be a female: our campus is going to be more inclusive,” added Davalos.

In addition to contributing to the campus’ climate of inclusivity and diversity, Davalos wants to emphasize the importance of providing services and resources for students to succeed.

“I have a huge passion for student success […] and I want our students to be able to thrive,” said Davalos.

Some of Davalos’s goals for next year include making student resources more accessible and present, focusing on the SMSU expansion, increasing transparency between the school and the students, improving campus safety, as well as reaching out to the students and letting their voices be heard.

Other ideas that Davalos has in mind includes improving food and dining services, extending campus hours, implementing campus life events, as well as collaborating with other departments.

Davalos stated that while she is aware of some challenges ahead, especially in regards to not being a fully funded institution, Davalos claims that she is not afraid.

“Everything comes with a challenge, but you shouldn’t be scared to face that challenge,” said Davalos.

Contributing to her experience with working with student success, Davalos has served as a Resident Assitant, student mentor, tutor, and supplemental instruction.

Additionally, she is involved with her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, as a previous Community Service Chair and is currently the Academic Chair. Additionally, Davalos also volunteers with different organizations, such as with Services for Student with Disabilities, the Coyote Experience, the Cyber Jam program, and other volunteer work.

“Everything that I’ve done involves student success, and with being President, you’re gonna represent the student body,” said Davalos.

“So yes, I do feel like the activities and organizations that I’ve been a part of has definitely helped me prepare.”

While being the new ASI President is no easy task, Davalos continued to emphasize that she knows she is not alone, and that it’s okay to not have all the answers.

“One thing to like know and to keep in mind as a student is that you’re not going to have the answer to everything. but being resourceful and knowing where to go and where to get that information is definitely going to help me, it’s something I’m always willing to do,” said Davalos.

“I’m always willing to learn, and ask if I don’t have the answer to it.”



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