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Zhiying Xu
Zhiying Xu

Zhiying Xu

By Zhiying Xu |Staff Writer|

New technology is impacting our older generations. With an aging population and care costs rising, robots and smart homes may be a possible solution.

From organizational methods to help with diets, to robots who can help elderly with their daily tasks.

“I think new technology makes life physically easier for everyone. It also makes our life more complete and fulfilling,” said Computer Science Professor, David Turner

In fact, people now rely more and more on new technology, but it also means people are losing the skills of doing things themselves.

“Robots are replacing human jobs, thus people do not need to do many things,” said Turner.

The emergence of robots and newer technology, are giving people more time for other tasks. In the long run it saves time for other activities.

“For newer homes, it is old fashion to have real fire. So in my house, I have a fire place that can automatically start a fire,” said Professor Turner.

In China, simplifying a house is one of the most important things for a housewife.

Smart houses allow for people to go that extra mile to make their lives more convenient.

“I hope I can have a robot to help me clean my home, then I can do my own thing with no worries,” said 46-years-old housewife, Chungui Fang

“Smart homes are wonderful, they allow for more peace of mind. When I go out, I can focus on things others than worrying about my home,” said Fang.

New technology is helping us but also hindering us.

“When people start to rely on new technology, some problems tend to arise due to it being ‘new technology’,” said Professor Turner.

“Now, let us try to imagine our life without technology and without smart homes. We would not be able to accomplish anything, thus being lazy and worthless. We need more productive tasks that have no influence with technology, to even the playing field,” said computer science major, Zichong Wang,

We can not deny the new technology is hindering us because if one day we lost it all, we might become equivalent to a toddler. In other words, the new technology is like a babysitter taking care of most people.

Lots of people mentioned this phenomenon, so they choose to stay away from this ‘newer tech’.

“When I was young, my family tried to make me do everything by myself. They were not allowed to use any electronics. They thought if I rely on it electronics too much, I would become lazier and lazier,” said Wang.

For newer generations, some need to rethink whether it is good for them or to make sure they do not rely as much, on technology.

With newer technology, we should learn how to use it correctly instead of letting them do everything for us.

We are human beings, we can control our mind and we need to use our mind to live in reality.

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