Neo-Nazi killed by son, CSUSB professor consulted

By Omar Guzman |Staff Writer|

A neo-Nazi leader is said to have been killed by his 10-year-old son, on May 1, in a Riverside home in the 5400 block of Lauder Court. 

The boy, who is not being identified because of his age, told detectives that he admitted to shooting his father, 32-year-old Jeffrey Hall.

A Riverside Court Document stated that the boy, “went downstairs with the gun, pulled the hammer back, aimed the gun at his dad’s ear while he was asleep and shot him.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hall was the former director of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement in the Western United States, which is known as the largest National Socialist Party in the U.S.

Authorities say that the boy’s motive might have been to stop his father from beating him and his mother.

The boy also believed that, “his dad was cheating on his mom and thought he might have to choose which person he would live with,” according to the Riverside Court Document.

Though there may be many reasons for the murder, some believe it might have been the violent lifestyle that the family experienced while under the presence of Hall.

“Raising five children with such unmitigated hate, I don’t see how that doesn’t become an issue when we’re talking about a 10-year old boy,” said Riverside County prosecutor, Ambrosio Rodriguez.

According to Southern California Public Radio, Hall would occasionally take his son along with him on a militia-style border patrol with other armed white supremacists and taught his son how to shoot a gun.

An arrest warrant was also issued to the boy’s mother, Krista Faye McCray, for criminal storage of firearms and child neglect.

According to police documents, the Hall residence was unsuitable for the five children that lived there, and reports say that four of the five children knew where all the weapons, including the .357 magnum revolver that was used, were kept.

McCray claims that she did not know that her children knew where the guns were kept, but despite this she is at the moment being held responsible for her unsafe storage of the weapons.

The boy will not be tried as an adult, but is now going through a month-long mental health evaluation to see if he is mentally fit to be tried in juvenile court.

If the boy were to pass mental health evaluation, “he would be tried as a juvenile and be sent to the California Youth Authority,” said Larry Gaines, Chair of the CSUSB Criminal Justice Department.

He added that “the boy may be put in some kind of institution for the mentally ill,” if he were to fail the mental health evaluation.

According to the Huffington Post, if the boy is ultimately convicted for murdering his father, which is now very likely, he will be kept in juvenile custody until he is 18 years old.

Depending on his situation he may be released after his 18th birthday or be transferred to another facility until he is 25 years old.



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