Ne-Yo gets personal in new album

By Ericka Ruiz |Staff Writer|

R&B singer Ne-Yo is back to show a side of him that fans were eager to see in his new album R.E.D that was just released on Nov. 6.

The fifth album title is an acronym for “Realizing Every Dream.” It features collaborations from different popular artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Tim McGraw, Kanye, Calvin Harris and much more.

The  singer is most recognized for his talent and skills in song writing and producing music for highly known artists like Beyonce and Rihanna.

Crafting music became such a priority in his career that his fans were left wondering when he would come out with another album. Ne-Yo’s debut album, back in 2006, was the initial breakthrough of his career.

Last year’s fourth album, Libra Scale disappointed many of his fans, for which he mentions “ [R.E.D] is not an apology, but to a degree it’s like I got a little too cool for the room with the last one,” according to his official website,

The album isn’t just filled with the R&B genre, but instead the album is something like a metaphor of a roller-coaster. It features a spin, and is filled with a diverse style of music that includes Hip-Hop, Country-Pop and even Club/Dance music.

But as much anticipated, the wait is over. Ne-Yo’s recently released single is now in the top ten on the Billboard’s Top 100 list for the first week of November.

The song titled “Let Me Love You,” was released in June, and since then fans like student, Marc Carillo mentions, “a club favorite and a recent ringback.”

The intro track of the album is titled “Cracks of Mr. Perfect,” a song of self-revelation to his audience. For being the first track on the album, the song has more than just a pleasant melody.

Lyrics like “Spending 40k at the club …” was shocking to hear. But Ne-Yo proves to his fans that he, like everyone else, has flaws and more importantly is his ability to accept those flaws.

Don’t make em like you” is a song that features Wiz Khalifa, a young Hip-Hop artist that has gained a spotlight in the music industry. The track seems like a recycled theme of Ne-yo’s hit song of 2008, “Miss Independent.” The portion of rap in the song by Wiz Khalifa gives it a more urban feel.

Shifting from Ne-Yo’s known genre, the track titled, “She-is,” features a mixture of R&B and Country. The duet with country singer Tim McGraw surely ties perfect with the intentions to the song.

On a more personal level, “Alone With You,” is a song dedicated to Ne-Yo’s daughter, Maddie.

The lyrics in the song sound perfect and reflect a beautiful unconditional love a father has for his daughter.

Ne-Yo’s ability to create songs and to manipulate different genres of music has become the reason why this album is so great. As an artist, Ne-yo has shown his fans that he has matured and is taking every step to further his career to fulfill his dream.


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