NBA fantasy lineups and dream matchups

By Diara Fowler |Staff Writer|

Chicago Bulls mugs Photo by Diara Fowler

Chicago Bulls mugs
Photo by Diara Fowler

As the professional basketball season kicks off, many hopeful fans anxiously await, hoping their team making it to the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals this year.

“Even though I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, I’ve always been a fan of the Golden State Warriors as I have many family members up towards the Bay Area,” said business major Arin Tanji.

The Golden State Warriors began their 2016-2017 season with a 4-1 record. Holding hope and courage from their first four wins, they strive to make it back to the championships again this year.

The Golden State Warriors finished their season in second place last year, making it to the championship game seven against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland took the win with a finale score of 93-89.

“I feel like the Heat would give the Warriors a run for their money, even though they lost key players such as Lebron James a few seasons ago,” said Tanji. 

“I would still pay to watch them play as they’re an overall entertaining team to watch,” added Tanji. 

The Warriors and Heat have had a number of opportunities to play one another, but Miami seems to fall short every time. Why are you bringing up the Heat. 

Just last season the Warriors beat the Heat twice with the first final score being 118-112 and the second time 111-103. During the 2014-2015 season, the Warriors and Bulls played each other three more times.

The first game the Warriors won with a final score of 104- 89, then again won 114-97 and during their last battle 115-108. Though the Miami Heat put forth their best effort and players the Warriors have proven they are the stronger team.

In addition to dream game match ups, dream fantasy lineups can get the mind going too. Given the fact that you are not always guaranteed your favorite or top player while drafting for fantasy teams, makes it that much more intense. .

“Derek Rose, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, and Anthony Davis,” said Donavan Perkins.

“These players have shown and adapted to every possible situation that is presented to them and can continue to overcome them by playing with a passion,” added Perkins.

In addition to his dream fantasy lineup, Perkins also had something to say about his dream game.

“The two teams I enjoy watching would be the Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors,because the Warriors are leading champions and the Bulls because the new lineup is crazy,” said Perkins.

“To see them work together as a team is starting to be beautiful I can’t wait to see how much they will grow,” concluded Perkins.  

The history of these two teams battling it out goes back to 1995-1996.

The Bulls first played the Warriors and won with a final score of 110-87 making the bulls record an outstanding 51 wins and 6 loses.

Later the Warriors beat the Bulls 106-94 and then again with a final score of 125-94 bringing the Warriors record to 39 wins and 4 loses.

Many students and hopeful fans look forward to the NBA season, hoping their favorite teams and players make it to the playoffs both on the court and on the computer.

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