National Orange Show: more than a fair time

By Marlyn Rodriguez |Coyote Contributor|

Memorial Day weekend in San Bernardino County is unique among California counties.

To commemorate the holiday, the city held the 97th annual National Orange Show Festival. The NOS Festival consisted of “music, food, world-class carnival and midway, indoor and outdoor shopping, petting zoo, pig races, circus and animal acts, hypnotists, clowns and juried art show,” as stated by advertisements.  This year there was a new twist to the festival, which integrated a diversity theme to show the different cultures in our county.

For some families, the National Orange Show Festival is a yearly tradition, for others it is just something to do on the long Memorial Day weekend.

The event can also be described as a coming together of a county. “It is a very valuable tradition because I’ve been going every year since I was three,” said Rialto High School senior Darlene Munoz.

Jesus Munoz, also a student at Rialto High School, described the fair as “exhilarating.”

“I had a fun time with my date enjoying carnival food, the adrenaline rushing rides, and the people of San Bernardino. The night would’ve been perfect if there wasn’t any fights.”

“The Orange Show Festival means a lot. It’s not only where I had my first date with my girlfriend last year but it is also a big part of San Bernardino County,” said Erick Rodriguez.

The Orange Show was filled with many exciting rides and entertainment for all ages to enjoy. There was a little something for everyone to be entertained by and have a great time. For teenagers, there were several heart-pounding thrilling rides such as Speed, G-Force, CliffHanger, Cyclone, and more. There were also small rides for the children and seating areas for people to sit and relax.

There were food booths all around the festival. Just like the rides, there was a variety of food options to suit everyone. There was no way to leave without getting drawn into buying a snack. The food was very appealing and impossible to refuse.

First you had your typical carnival foods like caramel apples, churros, popcorn and chips. Then there were the mouthwatering foods like the half-pound hamburgers, hotdogs and huge carne asada burritos. Finally, if you didn’t have enough with all that, there was delicious dessert like funnel cakes and cotton candy.

Throughout the day there were many shows and performers all over the festival grounds. Entertainment included bands, acrobats and magicians.

Memorial Day weekend was full of fun, fulfilling days that brought memorable moments for everyone. The NOS festival was a way to bring everyone together and enjoy a long weekend away from work and school.

Photos courtesy of Marlyn Rodriguez