N7 Creamery makes an expression

By Ivanna Carlos |Staff writer|

IMG_3962The founders of N7 Creamery debuted their vision on June 4, 2014.

N7, which also serves as a café and bakery, has its first and only location in Victoria Gardens on Kew Ave.

With modern decorations, book cases, and fine art displayed on the wall, the founders of N7 Creamery, Michael Mascaro, Brett Bingaman, and Andrew Cox intended for their customers to experience something created from the ground up.

“We source beans from the best places possible,” said co-owner Cox.

At N7, they make sure to grind coffee fresh just before brewing it.

“We even went to Seattle to get our coffee machine and took a week-long class on how to properly use it,” added Cox.

All syrups and flavors are made in their kitchen rather than purchased from a vendor.

The ice cream at N7 is made using nothing but natural ingredients, in addition to a modern liquid nitrogen process.

On my first visit to N7, I ordered a vanilla latte, complemented with a cinnamon roll. I decided to sit down and enjoy my pastry there.

Upon first stepping into the creamery, it appears very small in size, but upon closer observation, I noticed that they had a hallway leading to the back, and found a big lounge area where there were many customers.

The lounge atmosphere is a comfortable setting for all college students who may be looking for a peaceful environment to study or do some reading; it’s very college-friendly.

IMG_3958I took a seat at a table in the lounge area and my order was brought out to me. The cinnamon roll smelled delicious and my latte was scorching hot, just the way I love to drink my coffee.

Everything tasted amazing and the service was remarkable.

I liked the fact that all of the employees were attentive and knowledgeable on the items being served at their creamery.

Cox informed me that the creamery clears up the lounge area every other Thursday around 6 p.m. to host live music as their customers enjoy their sweets and hot drinks. On average, about four or five bands play and sometimes even solo artists appear.

IMG_3968N7 is not your average want-to-be Starbucks, offering a much greater selection of pastries as well as the option to enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream.

I definitely recommend N7 to all of my classmates, friends, and family members for its delicious pastries and coffee, along with its outstanding customer service that will leave you satisfied.

My experience at N7 was one to remember, and I will make sure to go back when I need a quiet environment to study, or maybe even when I want to have a fun night out and enjoy the live bands.


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