Myung Ga Tofu & Korean BBQ

Outside of Myung Ga
Outside of Myung Ga

Outside of Myung Ga

By Tommy McCardle |Staff Writer|

For the past decade Myung Ga Tofu & Korean BBQ still stands out as a popular lunch destination in the Inland Empire.

Owner Kim West personally greets customers upon entering the restaurant.

Kim West is the third owner of Myung Ga. She purchased the restaurant in January of this year.

“Our popular dishes include the spicy pork, spicy tofu soup and marinated short ribs,” said West.
Myung Ga is open daily between the hours 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Lunch specials are offered Monday – Friday between 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Lunch specials are priced between $8-11 while main entrees are priced between $8-16.

Unlike most Korean BBQ restaurants, the customers do not cook their own food.

“This is the only Korean restaurant that I come repeatedly because the amazing rice cakes,” said customer Ber.

Crystal McGee, a first time customer, was pleased with her visit to the restaurant.

“I ordered the Bibim Bob,” said McGee. “All of the flavors were balanced, I’d eat here again.”
Bibim Bob consists of beef, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, cucumber, and bean sprouts over rice in a bowl.

Located at 1760 S. Tippecanoe Ave, Myung Ga Tofu & Korean BBQ is a popular lunch destination for those working in the area.


During my visit I had ordered the Bulgogi, which is tender prime beef marinated in a special house sauce, and a cinnamon tea.

From the time I placed my order it took 14 minutes for the food to be served, which I thought was swift.

Along with my main dish came with a bowl of rice, and six other side dishes.

The six side dishes included lettuce kimchi, pickled radish, bean sprouts, mashed potato, kimchi cucumber, and another variation of a pickled radish.

Full plate of Bulgogi with six side dishes

Full plate of Bulgogi with six side dishes

The Bulgogi did not disappoint at all. The meat was savory and hearty.

It was cooked with grilled onions, spinach, carrot shavings, and topped with sesame seeds

The spicy cucumber side dish was a standout for me as well.

The kimchi had a spicy kick at first, but was quickly cooled down by the natural coolness of the cucumber.

The mashed potato had a faint sweetness to it. It also had a slight flavor of coleslaw to it.

I was happy with the decision to order the cinnamon tea with my order as it enhanced the flavor of every bite.

For dessert I ordered Green Tea Ice Cream and Strawberry Mochi.

The Green Tea Ice Cream was a creamy balance of sweetness and tea taste.

It reminded me of a milky sweet green tea from Starbucks in the form of ice cream topped with chocolate syrup.

The Strawberry Mochi was a creamy strawberry ice cream wrapped in a gummy-like texture with chocolate sauce.

Both desserts were a great decision as a way to top off a terrific meal. My first go-around eating Korean BBQ was satisfying.

Myung Ga opened my mind and my taste buds to a whole new world, especially for this picky eater.

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