MyCoyote is much improved

By Angie Burkhart |Staff Writer|

P1020262The latest MyCoyote upgrade is more organized and efficient, which makes for an easier navigation process despite student gripes about the new interface.

MyCoyote is a portal intended to give students online access to various academic-related tools, from scholarships and paying their tuition to enrolling for classes and checking their latest course schedule.

Because the portal is the central hub for many college necessities, I believe it’s important that students be able to access each tool with ease.

In my opinion, the new MyCoyote upgrade which went live on Dec. 18, is far more organized and efficient than it was before.

CSUSB student Katharine Hall is just one individual who says she loves the new upgrade compared to the old portal.

“It is a lot easier to navigate, and I love the fact that the CSUSB scholarship site is now easier to access,” said Hall.

One reason the new MyCoyote version is easier to navigate is that the new portal acts as what is called a single sign-on application.

Single sign-on applications allow users to access multiple software systems that are independent but still related, which according to, “reduces human error, a major component of systems failure and is therefore highly desirable.”

For example, by logging into MyCoyote students have access to multiple sites whether it’s Blackboard or Google mail, both of which do not require a second login attempt.

“You are able to find all of your information, along with easy and quick access to Blackboard and your e-mail,” said CSUSB student Luis Portobanco.

I find this far more efficient considering I can check my grades and e-mail, along with viewing my financial aid and PAWS report all in one place, and in a shorter period of time.

The new version of MyCoyote is far more user friendly, as it now utilizes student-specific tabs on the home page for registration, degree progress, financial aid and scholarships and lastly student finances.

The CSUSB Technology Support center states on their website,,  that “the new MyCoyote portal features are based on the user’s role at CSUSB,” making the site more specialized saving time and confusion.

I may personally find the new version more efficient, however, some students have expressed frustration in locating some of the tools which were easily accessible on the older version.

“It’s taking me a while to learn where everything is. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to find the order textbooks link,” said CSUSB student Brittany Carollo, who encountered that issue even though she believes the site looks more professional.

I believe the CSUSB Technology Support Center has not only done a fine job in revamping MyCoyote, but also helping users transition to the new version.

The great news is they have provided all forms of support whether through e-mail, live chat, phone, and even a PDF document titled Student Portal Quick Guide, which gives detailed instructions for accessing each tool via MyCoyote.

Students with questions or issues accessing certain tools can find all of these services via our Technology Support Center’s website,




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