My Bloody Valentine takes 22 years for new album

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By Zyrus Cruz |Staff Writer|

Mellow, dark and warm guitar sounds fill the ears of listeners of the new album by the band My Bloody Valentine.

My Bloody Valentine is, “One of the most unique bands of the alt-rock era, introducing a groundbreaking concoction of discordant effects and fragile melodies and kick-starting Britain’s late eighties dream-pop scene,” according to the Rolling Stone website.

The long anticipated album, titled MBV, was released Feb. 2 on the band’s website.

According to, it has taken My Bloody Valentine 22 years to make a follow up to their classic 1991 album Loveless. The web also mentions that the band has become a mythic rock band in their absence.

My Bloody Valentine has joined the ranks of top artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and other chart-toppers with their release this past Saturday.

According to, “The band released the album on their website on Saturday night, and the site promptly crashed under the burden of what must be an impressive amount of traffic.”
I’m surprised the site crashed due to the amount of traffic. Honestly, I can’t believe that it received so many visitors.

The album MBV consists of nine songs all displaying emotions with excessive use of instruments of a guitar rather than words.

The guitars are overpowering and it was hard to hear the lyrics to the song. I was reading the lyrics and trying to follow it in the song, but it still wasn’t clear or easy to follow along. states, “The guitar has become synonymous with regression, a symbol used to evoke something from the past. And that might seem at first equally true here, since the tone of Shields’ guitar is so clearly connected to the sounds he pioneered two decades ago.”

“But no one believes more deeply than Kevin Shields in the expressive power of the processed guitar, and the music here turns out to be more about feeling than style.”

As for the songs on the track, it just depends on your taste.

“After the first track I was hooked. I must have listened to this album over four times already,” said student John Cummings.

I could barely stand listening to this album one time, the thought of a second listen scared me.
Others do not feel the same way for this bands new album and after listening to the first track “She Found Love,” that was enough for student Jacklyn Herpacio.

“It’s kind of dark. I feel scared when I listen to this type of music,” said Herpacio.
It seems that the album did not live up to the hype.

I felt that this was a very dark album and you either have to be on something to understand what the tracks are trying to say or you have to love the sound of blaring guitar strings. If I was more into Emo, Gothic or Rock genres this would definitely hit, but I’m not.

So if you are looking to get your special someone a gift on Valentine’s one may want to pass on My Bloody Valentine’s MBV, otherwise you may get one bloody valentine.


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