Music department loses choral activities director

By Linda Tran |Staff Writer|

CSUSB’s Director of Choral Activities will resign his position as an Associate Professor at CSUSB by the end of the Spring Quarter.

Andrew Crane said,“The students here are wonderful.  I have learned so much working with them.  I love seeing students ‘catch on’ to choral music, and try their best to succeed every day,”

Crane has been working at CSUSB since 2005. He conducts the CSUSB’s Chamber Singers, concert choir, Applied Voice and other courses in the music education program.

During his time here at CSUSB, The Chamber Singers have successfully completed two international concert tours.

They have recently traveled to Spain in 2010, where they performed Manuel Garcia’s (1775-1832) Mass in D Major and Salve Regina.

Crane was awarded the CSUSB College of Arts and Letters Outstanding Teaching Faculty award for 2007-2008.

Faculty, staff and students in the music department have been looking for potential candidates to replace Crane.

“We’ve had three of them come in and all of them have something great to offer,” said music major and Chamber Singer, Jessica Gubaton. “But the best way to look about it is there’s always something good to take from every educator and we’re always learning.”

Students said his departure will be a great loss, but also said they are happy that Crane will be gaining more opportunities and experience.

“He definitely helped me a lot in finding jobs, talking to me, mentoring as a friend and as a colleague,” said Gubaton.

Gubaton said that there isn’t much competition in the music department, considering there are few students who are music majors.

“We’re all friends and we all hang out and we’re the same way with our professors. We connect with him in very personal ways. I definitely cried for days when I heard he was going to leave,” said Gubaton.

Instrument student Celeste Malkin said that there will be an adjustment period next year for students, but believes the new instruction will give them a new experience.

“He’s definitely changed my voice,” said music major and Chamber Singer Aaron Molina.  “He’s inspired me in a lot of ways with work ethic and impacted me in a way to make me want to be a better musician.”

Crane has made many connections with his colleagues at CSUSB, and has had many opportunities for his own individual performing, recording and creative development.

He is a lyrical tenor, and has performed in many works such as Bach’s St. Matthew and St. John Passions, Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis and many others, according to CSUSB’s Music Department.

One of his favorite memories include the Chamber Singer’s first international tour in 2008, where most students in the choir experienced their first time out of the country. He also found it memorable visiting Italy again, where he lived before.

“I would hope that the new director will choose a great repertoire for the choirs to sing, maintain a high standard of performing excellence and continue to provide opportunities for many students to be involved–both music majors and non-majors,” said Crane.

Chamber Singers and Concert Choir perform regularly every quarter. Crane will be conducting his last show with both choirs on June 11.




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