Mother-daughter duo shine at CSUSB

By Gabbie Corral |Staff Writer|

Kimley Jones and her daughter, Kourtney, have been attending CSUSB together for the last five years and have been loving every minute of it.

They will both graduate together this June—Kimley with a master’s degree in education and Kourtney with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

“I love that even though [CSUSB] is a decent-sized campus, it’s still like a small campus because the professors have been so nice to me and they know who I am. I love that personal touch,” said Kimley when asked what her favorite thing about being a student was.

She hopes to attain a local teaching job after graduation and give back to students in a similar way. Kourtney loves being able to work on campus with the children of the Infant and Toddler Lab as a psychology major.

“I hadn’t planned on attending CSUSB because I didn’t know if I wanted to stay someplace so close to home,” said Kourtney. “Not to mention my mother was already attending here!” she added laughing, her mother joining in. But she is pleased with her decision to stay and is thrilled to have shared the experience with her mom.

“I love my major, my job and the people I’ve gotten the chance to meet here all so much. I really like working and building relationships with children and families,” said Kourtney. She hopes to continue in a similar field of work with her degree.

Kim and Kourtney even got the chance to take a few classes together during their time at CSUSB, strengthening their bond not only as fellow students but also as mother and daughter.

“She always made me take the notes,” said Kourtney, while her mom laughed. “Well I didn’t see the point in us both taking notes!” added Kim, giving her daughter an innocent smile.

Kim says she loved being able to take classes with Kourtney, her youngest of four children. She tried her hardest to coordinate their school schedules to match so that she could spend as much time as possible with her daughter.

As graduation month creeps up, the two cannot wait to proudly watch the other walk on stage during graduation to receive the diplomas they have worked so hard to get.

“We didn’t start [this journey] knowing we would graduate together,” said Kim. “It just sort of happened. But our family is so excited and happy for the two of us to graduate together and we’re planning the big party, of course.”

Kim and Kourtney will not only be walking at graduation once, but twice. They are proud to be attending the Black Graduation ceremony on June 2 as well as the standard June 16 and 17 Commencement ceremonies.

This June will mark the end of their journey together as mother-daughter students at CSUSB. But it is only the beginning of a new excursion, as the two warmhearted students take on the world hand-in-hand and diplomas in the other.


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