Modern Warfare 3 looms on the horizon

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By: Nigel Hamblin |Staff Writer|

It’s a little more than a week away before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) hits stores and shows its hand before Battlefield 3 (BF3), which was released last Tuesday.

The big question on every gamers mind is how will it do? When it comes to sales, it will undoubtedly sell more than BF3. Due to its easy learning curve and run-and-gun style of multiplayer gameplay, Call of Duty has always had the advantage of mass appeal, especially for the gamers who don’t have the patience for Battlefield’s play style.

But the most important question of all concerning MW3 is what does it bring new to the table?

Graphically, the game doesn’t look much different at all from it’s predecessor. While BF3 was way ahead in terms of graphics when comparing it to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, MW3 has been receiving criticisms that it’s a “copy and paste” of MW2, despite Sledgehammer Games’ general manager Glen Schofield’s claims that there’s a “huge” difference.

Not to be a debby downer or anything, but I just dont see that “huge” difference.

More importantly, it matters what MW3 has to offer in terms of gameplay.

There’s a new gun-leveling system, a new spec-ops co-op mode, and a new prestige reward system that will reward players who have prestiged in all previous Call of Duty titles.

These additions seem to be the best thing that MW3 has going for it, and every gamer knows the campaign will be desperately short. But then again the campaign mode is the most overlooked aspect of any shooter.

November 8th will be the moment of truth for both FPS franchises. Will MW3’s better sales mean it’s the better game?

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