Miley Cyrus: A rebel with a cause

By Tiffany Moyes | Staff Writer |

Miley Cyrus is taking on the role of a philanthropist through her new project the “Happy Hippies Foundation.”

Cyrus is known to the public as being a crazed pop-star with questionable motives, but underneath she is trying to be so much more.

She has always had a deep love for the young homeless and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community (LGBT), and has repeatedly said that her gay fans are her favorite fans.

Cyrus has recently put a lot of time and effort into her nonprofit campaign the “Happy Hippies Foundation.”

The goal of the foundation is to help homeless youth get off of the streets and to help those who are a part of the LGBT homeless community.

With her foundation Cyrus has been able to help thousands.

According to her website, 1.6 million youth are left homeless every year, with 40% of homeless youth identifying themselves as LGBT.

Cyrus states that nearly one third of transgender people have been turned away from shelters and with her “Happy Hippies Foundation” she wants to change that, according to

Most people would never think Cyrus would be capable of starting a organization of this magnitude, especially after her recent escapades.

After being a teen pop sensation starring on Disney Channel’s television series “Hannah Montana”, Miley then went on to top the music charts with singles such as “Party in the USA” and “Fly on the Wall”.

It wasn’t until the release of her single “We Can’t Stop” that heads started to turn.

Cyrus was known for her good girl image from her Disney Channel career and also for being the daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus.

Many fans supported her through the transition and remained loyal to the pop-star.

“I loved her back in her Hannah Montana days and still love and support her now. I even went to her recent Bangerz concert in Los Angeles,” said student Evelyn Carmona.

This track record and helping the homeless don’t quite go together, so that is why the start-up of her foundation was surprising.

This is not the first time Cyrus has put in effort to helping out the less fortunate minorities.

Cyrus made another pro-LGBT community move by partnering up with MAC Cosmetics and becoming the new face of their Viva Glam campaign.

“When I found out she was partnering with MAC for their Viva Glam line I was so excited, I purchased her new lipstick and lip-gloss and fell in love,” said student Veronica Rowland.

Proceeds from the Viva Glam campaign go to the HIV/AIDS foundation which is something Cyrus also strongly supports.

At the Video Music Awards in 2014, Cyrus showcased her love for the homeless yet again by taking a young homeless gentlemen as her date to the award show.

After winning the night’s biggest award, Cyrus sent up her mystery date, Jesse, to accept the Video of the Year Award for “Wrecking Ball.”

Jesse did not go up there to thank Cyrus’s fans  or the music industry, instead he took this opportunity to draw attention to an everyday tragedy in the United States.

He called attention to the 1.6 million runaway and homeless youth, children and teens, in America admitting to be a part of this everyday tragedy.

He continues to emphasis this awareness which left Miley in tears in on the sidelines.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer is also very active on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook and is truly a rebel with a cause and gets much more hate than she deserves.

She is constantly making posts promoting her foundation and showing her followers and fans how they can get involved.

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