Migos turns up in LA

Migos get fans excited as they perform their throwback hit "Handsome and Wealthy". By: Yera Nanan

Migos open their performance with their hit song “T-Shirt”. By: Yera Nanan

By Yera Nanan |Staff Writer|

The cheering roars of 3,000 fans is nothing new to the hip-hop trio Migos, who performed at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Jan. 20.

After a string of successful projects, Migos released their new album Culture Jan. 27.

This album will feature their current number one hit; “Bad and Boujee” including other hot singles such as “T-Shirt.”

The “Bad and Boujee” track has held the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for nine weeks straight and now holds a spot at number two behind Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

The Migos have toured around the Greater Los Angeles area and other places in the United States to promote Culture, which features well-known artists such as, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott and DJ Khaled.

In a recent phone interview with Fader magazine, group member Offset spoke about, “The new album title is about the culture of hip-hop music. It’s time to let the culture be known. It’s time to claim it.”

The trio kept this presence in mind at their performance on Friday night at the Belasco Theater.

This sold-out event featured fans, supporters and frequent club attendees from Los Angeles, as well as other parts of So Cal like the Inland Empire, and other major counties.

This event also featured CSUSB native Tanner Christian (DJ Entay), who conducted a lot of promotion for the event because of his affiliate team Hollywood Supreme.

“This is the first big event that I had a part in getting major artists, DJing and promoting,” said Christian.

“We will have bigger and better events than this Migos event…the overall experience was great,” continued Christian.

The event began at 9pm introducing local DJ’s and rappers from LA county that got the crowd warmed up with EDM bangers and music from others artists such as Kodak Black and YG.

Migos were scheduled to perform at 12:30 a.m. and people flooded the stage floor all the way to the top balcony.

DJ Durel opens for Migos and gets the crowd warmed up. By: Yera Nanan

DJ Durel, official DJ for Migos, set the proper tone for the group before they hit the stage.

Camera lights came alive immediately as the Migos graced the stage with their presence asking for cheers and applause.

They opened their act by performing recent singles like “Call Casting” and “T-Shirt” which excited the crowd.

They then performed throwback favorites “Handsome and Wealthy” and “Keys to the Streets” that were well received from the audience.

Once the beat for “Bad and Boujee” dropped, fans ended up bombarding each other, as group member Quavo threw water in the crowd and the song went underway.

The biggest surprise of the night came when Travis Scott appeared from the crowd wearing a red Gucci bandanna, leaving the audience in awe.

Scott and Migos performed “Pick up the Phone” off of Scott’s Sophomore LP, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

Their performance came to an end as Scott and the Migos exited backstage while Durel shouted out the new Culture album asking the audience to purchase it.

Though Migos had some fans excited, the aftermath was the total opposite.

A number of fans were displeased 30 minutes into performance, leaving angrily from the club.

“It was alright to be honest but the Migos weren’t as good as expected,” said concert attendee Sydney Hornbuckle.

“The Migos need to stay in Atlanta and the overall experience sucked,” said Migos fan Jyaire Johnson.

“Honestly the Migos concert wasn’t that great and I expected more, but it was worth a good experience,” explained venue attendee Timothy Horne. 

The Belasco Theater received its fair share of criticism as well.

“The club was descent…the atmosphere was hot, packed and I had no service on my cellular device,” continued Johnson.

“It was stupid packed downstairs and needed some air conditioning,” explained Hornbuckle.

Hopefully as the Migos continue their promotion for their new fans other fans won’t have the same horrible experience as many did at Belasco.

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