Midnight Madness: Family and friends support basketball

By Justin Sandoval |Staff Writer|

1656207_857091247659136_7578317160292032250_nMen’s and Women’s Basketball are now in season and in an attempt to promote school spirit hosted a team showcase on Nov. 12 at the Coussoulis Arena.

The event, Midnight Madness, was held as an introduction to students, family and friends.

As students walked in they were greeted by an array of student volunteers promoting school functions such as the upcoming Latin Night. The teams treated all in attendance to pizza and games to participate in.

Tatiana Dunlap, guard women’s basketball player, said, “We did this because we thought it would be good to involve the Coyote community and have them support us.”

Men’s basketball player Brian Gugliotta said, “We saw other programs doing similar events to help promote their season, which was our goal.”

“It’s a fun event for both the students and players to get involved,” continued Gugliotta.

1781939_857090940992500_4746893716730048497_nMen and women’s basketball warmed up for the crowd just as they would before a game except with a little more “swag” as the kids say.

Members of the men’s team began to throw National Basketball Association (NBA) quality slam dunks, which acted as a showcase of skills and talents for family, friends and students to enjoy before the team was introduced.

Women’s head basketball coach Renee Jimenez, ready for her second season with the Coyotes, enthusiastically introduced her team to the crowd.

Assistant coach Robert Tossetti introduced the men’s team. In their introduction, we learned a little something about every player.

Most notably Tossetti said, “This player wishes he was a baby dolphin, sophomore Everett Turner.”

Throughout the evening, the crowd was involved in multiple basketball games such as the game known as “Knockout,” which the participants stand in a line attempting to make their shot before the person in front of them, if successful the individual is knocked out.

Members of both teams grabbed people from the audience to compete in additional games such as three-point contest, free-throw contest and lastly a half-court shot contest.

Sadly, not many CSUSB students attended Midnight Madness, which led to little support for the basketball teams.

However, there were plenty of family, friends and other Coyote athletes in attendance.

Supporting the home team is huge and has been known to take teams from good to great, which Dunlap and Gugliotta agree is something the Coyote women and men hope will continue to grow from this point on.

Entertainment and Sports Programing Network (ESPN) and SnapChat recently showed and promoted Kentucky University’s Midnight Madness and created mass social media trends along the way.

CSU Students greet those entering

We’ll probably never get Drake to come and shoot an air-ball for our amusement, but students should come and support regardless.

“Our first home game is the 27 of this month against Humboldt State, and the support of the student body is huge,” said Gugliotta. “They give us support to both win the game and motivation for us to put the best show on possible for them.”

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) will be having their 30 year of Athletics Pack Attack on Jan. 31, 2015 for the women’s and men’s basketball programs.

All athletic teams will be in attendance and students are heavily encouraged to come in our Coyote blue and black to support our athletes.

“Its means a lot to have the student body come and support, it feels like we are part of a huge family,” said Dunlap.



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