Midnight Madness calls gamers to duty

By Nigel Hamblin |Staff Writer|

Millions of gamers logged online and played “Modern Warfare 3”(MW3) for the first time, including the students of CSUSB, Nov. 8 at midnight.

The second annual Midnight Madness event was held at the Santos Manuel Student Union gamers’ lounge, giving students the opportunity to play the game for free at lunch, as well as providing refreshments, snacks, and a raffle for prizes.

A moderate turn out and a relatively calm and quiet atmosphere made for a low-key event but a fun experience nonetheless.

For the first half hour, students warmed up their fingers and reflexes by playing a few rounds of “Black Ops,” while other students passed the time listening to music and playing pool.

When the three copies of MW3 arrived, Midnight Madness officially began.

Rotating in between multiplayer matches, each pair of gamers had about 10 minutes of game time before passing on their controllers to the next pair.

Two systems went straight to the multiplayer menu, while one console played the new Spec Ops Survival mode where two players team up against a horde of enemies.

“I like it because it’s closely related to ‘Modern Warfare 2,’” said freshmen Nick Harb. “It’s nice to be one of the first people playing the game.”

Many students often said the game was just like MW2, in terms of graphics and gameplay, but the comments were mostly positive.

“The maps look way better than MW2,” said Eduardo Calbera. “It was kind of hard to aim when shooting because of the weapon sway.”

Weapon sway is something that wasn’t seen often in previous titles, making weapons easier to use. The fact that it’s more present in MW3 makes guns more challenging to master.

“They brought back some good guns too,” said Calbera. One of the guns they brought back for MW3 is the MP5, which one student used to earn a triple kill.

Although most of the comments about the game were positive, there were some who didn’t quite enjoy the game as much.

“I like ‘Black Ops’ more because of the variety of weapons,” said Nestor Cabrales, who was dressed in a Midnight Madness t-shirt. “The way you shoot looks more realistic.”

Time seemed to fly by in the short two-hour time frame, but everyone was able to get a taste of the MW3 multiplayer action.

Towards the end of the night, the raffle was drawn and several students won Student Union bags and t-shirts. One lucky gamer was called last to win the top prize: a Midnight Madness t-shirt.

At 2 a.m., Midnight Madness was over and students went home to get a few hours of sleep before class the next morning.


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