Middleborn aims for Olympics

By Britney Carter |Staff Writer|

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, Middleborn showcased her talents to several coaches of the U.S. Olympic volleyball squad in hopes of making the team.

Samantha Middleborn has been a key component to CSUSB’s volleyball team throughout her illustrious career.

Her talents are innumerable, her potential is limitless and her passion is electrifying.

After leading her team to an undefeated season and all the way to the final game in Nationals, many people wondered what would be next for Middleborn.

Now we have learned that Middleborn plans on taking her talents to the London Olympics.

Middleborn is currently a senior at CSUSB and has had an outstanding volleyball career.

Her outstanding journey as a collegiate volleyball player began during her freshman year at CSUSB.  She played in 32 matches, 25 of which she started. Her sophomore year was a breakout year for her, she was given first team All-CCAA honors, and was considered to be in the top 50 of the nation in both blocks per set and hitting percentage.

The following year Middleborn truly came into form as she went on to be named the 2012 AVCA and Daktronics player of the year.
She became the first Coyote and first player in the history of  Division II to ever earn this reward. She was also selected for the 2011 Honda Award, an award that is given to the most outstanding Division II female athlete.

Adding to her accolades, she was named MVP of the West Region along with CSUSB’s Female Student Athlete of the Year award.

Middleborn’s talents as a middle blocker have been well documented. She will be trying out for the Olympics as a middle blocker, and it will be hard to find that there is one out there better than her.

She is confident in her talents and knows what it will take in order to make the team.

“In order to tryout you have to be a collegiate athlete with years of eligibility,” said Middleborn.  “Most people know if they are good enough to tryout.”

In preparation for the tryout Middleborn was not required to make too many adjustments to her normal routine.

She has made a conservative effort to better hydrate herself and to cut any types of caffeine out her systems in order to be more agile and refreshed during her tryouts. Since the conclusion of the season, she has been training everyday, attempting to involve herself in as many matchups as possible.

“I’m not looking to change anything specifically, but there is always room for improvement,” said Middleborn. “I’m trying to improve physically as well as mentally, so that I don’t psych myself out.”

Along with polishing her skills, Middleborn also has another challenge to face.

She also has to prepare for the high elevation in the mountains of Colorado Springs out in Utah due to her small case of asthma.

Having faced adversity before, this will surely be a small obstacle that Middleborn will be able to overcome.

Middleborn does not need to look too far for inspiration, as she finds inspiration in herself.

She is aware of the accomplishments she has already made, and recognizes that just the opportunity to try out for the Olympics is a milestone in itself.

“I just want to say that I was in the Olympics,” said Middleborn. “It would be a huge honor.”

After what was expected to be a phenomenal tryout, Middleborn is eager to find out the results of the auditions. She admitted to being nervous but is happy to say that she has even been allowed the opportunity to try out for the U.S. Olympic team.

“It would be something to say a young girl from Rialto, CA made it to the U.S. Olympics.” said Middleborn.
With what she has brought to our school, we are all eager to find out the results as well. The Chronicle hopes for nothing but the best for our cherished athlete.

With her impressive skillset, there’s no denying that she can be a great asset to the red, white, and blue, and help them bring home the gold.



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