Michel’le Jones, ASI presidential candidate

By Alexis Figueroa |Staff Writer|

ASI is gearing up for the upcoming elections and presidential candidate Michel’le Jones is eager to make a change.
Jones’ expressed her desire to make the voice of the student population be prominent in all of the decision-making if elected president.

Jones plans on getting students more involved in any future activities produced by ASI by setting up meetings once a week and checking in with her fellow students as well as making decisions with their input in mind.

“I want students to have a say in the motions that are passed instead of just passing something without their input. I want to work with them by giving them the clubs they want and work with the feedback they give me,” said Jones.

Jones has many ideas on how to improve ASI; first and foremost she wants to make ASI well-known on our campus. “In talking to students while campaigning I found that many of them did not know what ASI was, and that was a harsh reality,” said Jones. “People not knowing the current president of ASI or what ASI is shows the lack of presence this program has at CSUSB I want that to change with me,” said Jones.

For Jones, ASI is present to listen to students and make things happen, it is involved in programming, and is a part of managing the budget for all the students too.

Jones described her hope of having ASI be prominently known to future students and explained how she planned on doing so.

“I talked to a lot of the seniors that are about to graduate and they mentioned Future for Better Impact (FBI), which was a program on campus four years ago that picked people they felt would be good future leaders and potential ASI members,” said Jones. “FBI also gave students well rounded information on how to become better leaders, write resumes, and how to be professional in the workforce,” continued Jones.

Michel’le further expressed her intention to bring back FBI by adding that the program was beneficial because it gave back to the students. If elected, ASI president Michel’le added that she wants to be more developmental and provide students with the tools to succeed in the future.

Jones’  platform is also focused on enhancing ASI’s activities. If she were to be elected, Jones says she’d implement ways to make ASI fun for the students, like by bringing back Bloc Parties, which were a part of ASI three years ago.
With an education in communications and public relations and experience in programming, Jones feels her election will step up ASI’s status a couple of notches.

Jones said that her current experience as the academic development coordinator in charge of the resident advisors and students  as well as her experience in managerial positions qualify her for the job of ASI president.

According to Jones, her involvement in various honor societies and in sororities such as Alpha Delta Pi will enhance her position if elected president.

Jones pointed to her current role as academic development coordinator as an indication of her ability to adapt to on campus issues such as  the budget.

“I am aware of how limited we are budget wise but I feel that in ASI they limit themselves because we do not have that grand budget which makes the campus feel like it can’t put on big events such as bloc parties,” said Jones. “I do not feel we should limit ourselves. In my current position with housing, we put on a fashion show and with the help of various organizations we were able to put on a great show with the help of their loans. There is always a way,” she added.

Jones continued on the issue of budget by expressing that a lack of resources should not hold the campus back from hosting events. She felt that in reaching out, there will be people willing to help and that there are ways to work around the budget.

The main message she wants to get across to voters is that she is on their side and that ASI is a program that works with students and for students.

“In getting my petitions signed I heard from students that they didn’t like how ASI is currently being run. If they want change I am the change they want to see,” said Jones. “I want students to know that I am coming from where they are coming from, from the outside looking in. I have the same concerns they do,” she concluded.

Voting will take place on May 2 and May 3.


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