Mental Health Expo: Thrive into Solidarity

By Jennifer Baeskens |Staff Writer|

green-ribbonThe Student Health and Psychological Counseling Center will host a Mental Health Expo on May 15.
Professors, faculty, staff and community members are all teaming up with the Student Health and Psychological Counseling Center to help make this event fun and exciting for students.
This year’s Mental Health Expo uses its THRIVE program to help students have fun and learn about ways to increase their mental health.
THRIVE, a program that offers health and wellness workshops, has been on the CSUSB campus for a couple years, according to Heather Webster-Henry, a marriage family therapist and the chair of the THRIVE program.
“THRIVE stands for Tools for Health Resilience Insight Vitality and Empowerment,” said Webster-Henry.
“We are trying to create a campus wide collaboration to increase mental health and resilience of all students on campus,” added Webster-Henry.
Their desire to create this campus wide collaboration has led up to the theme of this year’s event.
The timing of this event is perfect with finals just around the corner.
This event will focus on the health and wellness of students, as well as providing students with experiences that will help decrease and manage stress in their daily lives.
In addition to the many resources at the event, there will also be guided meditation, mindfulness activities, speed-friending, a body awareness collage and Zentangle, which was a hit last year.
According to Webster-Henry, “Zentangle is a form of art meditation where you draw repetitive patterns to use that as a form of meditation.”
In addition to theses fun activities, there will also be a few surprise activities, massages, and henna. There will also be demonstrations of experimental activities that are sure to be a hit with students.
Students who participate in five activities will be given a free fruit bowl while supplies last.
There will also be demonstrations of experimental activities that are sure to be a hit with students.
Green ribbons will also be handed out to students to help raise awareness of mental health.
These activities can be used immediately by students to help their overall mental health and are designed to provide resources, information and skills.
Mental health and overall wellness go hand in hand.
If students have the skills and information on mental health then they are more likely to be healthy and stress-free students.
CSUSB student Patrice Thompson can’t wait for the event.
“This event is really going to be great, with finals just around the corner this will help me learn how to deal with the stress of not only every day life, but finals as well,” said Thompson.
This free event is open to students and the public. The event will take place on May 15 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
It will be held in the Santos Manuel Student Union Event Center.
The  Mental Health Expo: Thrive on Solidarity is going to be fulfilling, have a lot of interactive activities for students to participate in and help them become more aware of mental health.


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