Men’s soccer weekly routine

img_7252By Kieron Coleman |Staff Writer|

When in season, the lifestyle of soccer can be very time-consuming. The men’s soccer team spends close to 20 hours a week practicing.

With such an intense season, which takes place this quarter, the team has to carefully choose what they eat.

They work on mobility with the trainers on campus two days a week, which helps recover or avoid pulling any muscles.

“We use this time to our advantage, we do a lot of stretching and light weights in the tent, which helps us recover quicker,” said goalkeeper Mike Warn.

In gym sessions, they do a lot of stretching with elastic bands and lacrosse balls, which helps take the knots out of muscles.

“We have a recovery day once a week, which is NCAA rules,” said center midfielder Nic Turkington.”This is a day the team gets together to do a squad activity.”

The ‘Yotes get in the ice bath with the athletic trainers on their day off to give the muscles a chance to fully recover before entering training.

“It’s good for us to get in the ice bath as it helps to delay the onset of muscle soreness,” stated Tony Lo, center midfielder and captain.

One thing known by all athletes is to keep on top of is the food they consume because they have to eat enough food for their muscles to fully recover.

Water is extra important while being physically active. Staying hydrated helps the men keep up with the physical demands.

The men’s soccer program face an important week, heading into a bye week where they will be taking the time to rest up.

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