Men’s Soccer History


Photo courtesy of CSUSB athletics

By Kieron Coleman |Staff Writer|

The Coyote soccer program started in 1984, 19 years after the school opened in ’65.

From ‘84 to ‘90 the men’s program competed in Division III, with a record of 84 wins, 41 losses and 7 draws.

Within college sports there are three divisions that schools can compete in.

Division I schools are considered to be the most competitive. They tend to have the most publicity when it comes to games and are recognized as being well-funded programs, which allows them to own a lot more scholarships.

Division II, which our school is a part of, is the middle bracket of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA.) It is seen to be less competitive due to less amount of scholarships offered.

This is where many athletes play to have a balance between ambitious participation as well as well driven studies.

Division III schools are the lowest when it comes to the competitive side of sports, where athletes experience the least amount of pressure when it comes to game time.

From ’91 on, the ‘Yotes have competed in Division II, with a record of 188 wins, 247 losses and 46 draws.

The program has made four NCAA appearances with the first being in ‘87 (Division III) and the others in (Division II) 1991,2009 and 2010. The ‘Yotes have an all-time NCAA playoff record of 3-3.

Their last contest in the NCAA tournament came against Grand Canyon, where the ‘Yotes lost 4-1.

Charif Zein started the program with an overall record of 11-2-0, Zein only took the head coach role for one season.

The men’s program has earned one successful California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) title, which came in ‘91 under head coach Carlos Juarez.

In 1991, the squad had an overall record of 15-4-2, and in conference play, they finished 8-2.

It was then passed to Juarez, the most successful manager yet, who took control of the ‘Yotes for 11 seasons, with an impressive 121 wins, 78 losses, and 15 draws.

Christian Johnson took over after the impressive display from Juarez for four years but with an overall record of 17-39-2.

Noah Kooiman, who was the fourth head coach appointed, took the ‘Yotes for eight seasons, where he had some successful years, leaving with an overall record of 65-81-13.

Lance Thompson and Travis Clark were then appointed only for one season each, where both had losing records with a combined record of 10-17-10.

Steve Ralos was then brought in from Cloud City College, who struggled throughout the two years involved with a losing record of 13-14-5.

Finally, previous assistant coach, now interim head coach Darren Leslie is currently with the ‘Yotes; an impressive season so far, about to go into the final four of the conference tournament.

Leslie, currently has a record with the team of 10-5-1, with the high chances of making the NCAA tournament.

The future for ‘Yote’s soccer is looking strong as the team continues to grow.


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