Media bias clouds presidential election

18964943-mmmainBy Serena Gomez |Staff Writer|

Media coverage of the 2016 presidential election has created an ideal model of who I do not want as president.

Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump are all significant to the election, but for some reason we hear more about Trump’s horrific words and actions than any other candidate.

According to CNN, Sanders said, “you explain to me how a major network on the evening news has 81 minutes of Trump, 20 seconds of Bernie Sanders. Does that make sense to anybody?”

The media is biased and creates negative images of certain political candidates, but Trump is using every second of it to his advantage.

“FDR was the first ‘radio’ president. JFK emerged as the first ‘television’ president. Barack Obama broke through as the first ‘internet’ president. Next up prepare to meet Donald Trump, possibly the first ‘social media’ and ‘reality TV’ president,” stated CNN political commentator Van Jones.

Some candidates that are pulling in greater or equal polls to Trump are rarely mentioned in the media at all.

“Sanders is a legitimate presidential contender, yet is being ignored by the corporate network news,” wrote PoliticsusUSA Publisher/Editor in Chief Jason Easley.

“Trump has been making racially offensive statements…but that does not apply to Bernie Sanders, who…in 50 years of documented political activism and public office, uttered a racially offensive statement,” wrote Rima Regas in “Bernie Bias: The Mainstream Media Undermines Sanders at Every Turn.”

There are many people that believe Trump will be a great leader, but someone that speaks toxic words about other races and immigrants should not be president of a country that is filled with a wide variety of them.

Trump has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. He also ranted about banning Muslims from entering the United States. His words are bothersome, especially from a potential candidate who could be our future president.

Trump’s outrageous words are selling papers and grabbing people’s attention.

“Illegal immigration sent the Trump candidacy from nowhere to front runner status,” stated the National Review’s Victor Davis Hanson.

Even with Clinton’s scandalous past, she barely gets enough media coverage as Trump.

Clinton is now turning to different sources, trying so hard to grab the younger voters attention.

According to The US Census Bureau young adult voters 18 through 24 have consistently voted at lower rates than other age groups in every presidential election since 1962, in a report titled “Young Adult Voting: An Analysis of Presidential Elections.”

Clinton is not getting enough coverage in the mainstream media and is starting to rely on social media and talk shows to campaign.

Clinton showed off her dance moves by learning the Whip/Nae Nae on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

She also tried reaching out to young Hispanic voters by telling the world she is just like their “abuela” because she is now a grandmother.

It is all just a pageant show when it comes to these candidates in the media. The image of the candidate is the main focus, rather than their idealistic mission for our country.

Young age groups should become more involved in deciding who our next president should be.

We must pick a president that will actually make a difference, and not because they say what we want to hear.

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