Mayor proposes new plans to improve city post bankruptcy

socalmall260By Marco Montoya |Staff Writer|

San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis outlined his goals that he claims will help the city rise out of bankruptcy.
According to The Sun, he referred to his plans as “the seven strategies,” which he organized with the help of suggestions by residents collected through five meetings throughout the year.

Davis held an “Evening with the Mayor” talk on Oct. 27 at Jovi’s Diner. The meetings are held for Davis to speak on topics involving the city and encourage resident participation and attendance.

One of Davis’ plans is to make the Carousal Mall more alluring, with a new floor plan and revamped stores he hopes will bring attention back to the almost abandoned mall.

Davis said he wants to hire more police officers and offer them better equipment, like new squad cars and body cameras, which will be funded by a federal grant. He also plans on starting a park ranger program in to enhance public safety, which has been a major issue in San Bernardino, according to The Sun.

Along with improving law enforcement, Davis also wants to work on medical and fire services; although the process will cost an additional tax of $143 on real estate, Davis claims it will ultimately save money and improve service.

“Our police are very engaged in trying to eradicate some of the problems in our community, but they’re overwhelmed at times with the heavy call volume…We hope to have that done probably by July of next year,” said Davis, according to The Sun.

San Bernardino resident Jessica Moreno said, “It’s a huge relief knowing that they are working on making law enforcement better. I’ve lived here my whole life and compared to other cities I’ve visited it’s a shame San Bernardino is not living up to it’s full potential in general.”

Among these, the mayor also declared that he would give attention to the San Bernardino City Unified School District to try boosting the graduation rate for the first time in many years.

Davis believes the city will offer more career opportunities for local students through the San Manuel Gateway College, according to The Sun.

This Loma Linda University Health project is predicted to be completed next year on South G Street and will more than quadruple the number of patient visits to 200,000 per year.

Davis also plans to make the city more appealing especially in downtown San Bernardino.
A new transit center on Rialto Ave and F Street is expected to help with more effective and convenient transportation, according to The Sun.

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