Mary Grace Moreno

By Gina Miranda |Staff Writer|

Mary Grace Moreno 2

While many students view graduation as the end of their academic careers, Moreno has forgone walking in the 2014 graduation ceremony because her education is far from completed.

Moreno will continue her studies as a graduate student at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) with an emphasis in mass communication research and theory.

“I am choosing to attend grad school because I am not done with my formal education, I feel that I have learned a great deal at CSUSB over the past two years but there’s so much more,” said Moreno.

In the past, Moreno was a theatre student at CSUF and plans to fully immerse herself into the arts this summer.

“This summer I am planning on doing two things. First, working on establishing a nonprofit community outreach called ‘Where’s the Art’,” said Moreno who vividly recalls that prolific moment to give back to the arts.

“Secondly, I want to drink fruit adult beverages with umbrellas in the glass by large bodies of water,” added Moreno, as a glimpse into her humorous essence known to so many students and faculty members in the communication studies department.

Moreno plans to hone her focus on her nonprofit organization with the accompaniment of her best friend, Arlene.

“We were crewing a show about wanting to open a progressive intergenerational theatre art venue, we’ve talked about it for years and we are finally able to really focus on making it happen,” said Moreno.

For nearly five years, Moreno has also had the support of her partner Conrad Negron, who will also be graduating from CSUSB and continuing his education at CSUF.

Moreno is currently packing up her life from CSUSB in pursuit of new ventures with her partner Conrad, their cats, and the endless possibilities that come with a higher education.

After years of research, late night sessions, and dedication, Moreno seems optimistic about her future with the possibility of pursuing a Doctorate..

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