Makeup for self-enjoyment

By Destiny Guzman |Staff Writer|

I love makeup; therefore, I wear it!

It is like art on your face. However, sometimes I catch myself wearing it for others. Some women wear makeup in order to impress men, but I believe that it is more fulfilling to wear it for yourself. Doing something in order to impress others or for a chance that they might like you is not a healthy way of thinking.

“In today’s society we have so much pressure to have to look a certain way,” said student Alexandra Winner.

People will like you if you are who you are. If wearing makeup is something that you enjoy, then that is part of who you are. Some people think that by wearing makeup, you are hiding behind a mask, literally.

Student Anaiza Moreno-Gonzalez said that people should be able to live their lives without makeup.

“People need to love their naked self – not hide it,” added Moreno-Gonzalez.

“Wearing makeup makes me feel like – makeup is the suit and when I put it on, I’m ready to do my business,” concluded Moreno-Gonzalez.

At the end of the day, you have to take off that mask. You cannot always hide behind it. Being confident to not wear makeup is something that I need to work on.

“I think makeup helps women by easing off some of that pressure and helps them feel beautiful inside and out. I think women wear makeup for themselves and to look good for others,” said Winner.

Wear makeup because you want to—not to impress others. I am speaking to myself as well. There are some guys and girls that think wearing too much makeup hides who you really are. I say, let the person do what they want to do and leave them alone. I am guilty of sitting with friends and scrolling through photos of girls who just cake on the makeup and start to make fun of them. Why should I be concerned or make fun of someone who wears too much makeup? What is considered too much makeup anyway?

“Too much makeup is when you end up looking like a clown or like that Snapchat makeup filter,” said student Manny Sandoval.

I agree, however, to some, too much makeup is blush and eye shadow because some girls wear no makeup at all. Therefore, the meaning of too much makeup is subjective.

“Personally, I think makeup looks great on women who use it in moderation, but I also feel that women should wear as much makeup as they want and not worry about anyone’s opinions,” added Sandoval.

“I like when girls wear makeup, but a more natural look is what’s most attractive to me,” concluded Sandoval.

Since the definition is subjective, then why should we judge someone for doing what they want to do? Every woman wears makeup for different reasons.

Some wear it to feel pretty, hide acne, disguise blemishes or imperfections, impress others—both men and women, or just to have fun.

Whatever the reason, doing it for yourself is the goal to be achieved.



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