Make-Up masters make up models

By Jaynene Moreno |Staff Writer|

Many artists painted on human bodies creating them into art. Others created monsters out of people with their special effect cosmetology skills.

The annual International Makeup Trade show successfully made it to Los Angeles once again at the Pasadena Convention Center on Jan.15-17.

The event was separated into three days. Friday was mainly open for makeup professionals while Saturday and Sunday were open to the public.

“I’m very into makeup,” said student Rubi Garcia, “I would have loved to attend IMATs this year,” she continued.

The event showcased different aspects of the makeup trade such as special effects for film, TV, and fashion shows.

Guest speakers this year included talents such as Mila Thomas, Angel Merino, Michael Burnett, Amazing Jiro, and Joel Harlow.

Cynthia Rivas, MAC Pro Senior artist, transformed an everyday plain Jane into a beautiful Marilyn Monroe in what seemed to take a matter of seconds.

Award winning body painter & photographer Paul Roustan created a colorful masterpiece out of a typical person by painting their body with an airbrush.

“It’s amazing that all these artists around the world can be put into one place to showcase their talent,” said CSULB student Melanie Reyes.

The convention itself was well organized.

Lines for the exhibitions weren’t too long because of how much there was to look at. The longest the wait in line took was five to ten minutes.

Three halls were used in the convention center in order to fit everything and everyone. Hall one and three were mainly used by cosmetic stands while hall two was mainly focused on special effects.

Various makeup artists, both freelance and professional, attended the event in hopes to fill their shopping bags with new and popular items.

“I would love to attend IMATs because I would like to meet all these aspiring makeup artists to learn more about them,” said student Eyla Macias, “I would also like to see my favorite makeup brands like Tarte and Too Faced.”

Famous cosmetic brands that were at the event included brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Tarte, NYX, Lime Crime, Morphee, and Kat Von D Cosmetics.

“My favorite brand is Too Faced cosmetics,” said student Claudia Ramirez, “I’ve always found that their products compliment my skin tone.”

Many of the exhibitors chose to launch new products at the event exclusive to IMATs attendees.

Dose of Colors showcased four of their new liquid lipstick shades: Cork, Mood, Desert Suede, and Chocolate Wasted which launched two days after the event.

Tarte Cosmetics also gave their customers the option to purchase their new beautiful Skin Twinkle Lighting palette that will not be launching until March 2016.

“I knew I had to have Tarte’s new highlighting palette as soon as I saw the swatches,” said Isabel Gonzalez of Santa Ana, CA, “they were beautiful.”

Many popular makeup gurus who got their fame on YouTube and Instagram attended the event that Friday.

Talents included the always so popular Kat Von D as well as Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jaclyn Hill, and Jesus Artistry.

“IMATs is more than just a makeup event,” said student Carmen Reyes, “People regardless of gender or age attend IMATS for many reasons such as to meet their favorite makeup artists or to learn more about products both new and old.”

IMATs is definitely a must go to event for anyone who is interested in makeup whether it be for personal or professional use.

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