Make ASI a part of your college experience

By Camern Herrera |Staff Writer|

The fliers you see displayed across campus promote events most likely hosted by ASI. The Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) program on campus dedicates to serving the interests of students through events and activities.

ASI has hosted many events here on campus such as A Night of Poetry, 2011 Mr. and Ms. CSUSB Pageant, Snow Day and the reoccurring Open Mic Night.

ASI notably gives discounts at the box office as well, where $12 movie tickets at a regular theater, are almost half the price. And if anyone wants to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios or any theme park, ASI gives the option to buy tickets on campus, rather than waiting a long time in line.

Aside from assisting the needs of students, their Club Allocation Budget Committee (CABC) even provides funding for uprising clubs and organizations. “The mission of CABC is to support organizational activities that will enhance on campus life, and allow students to develop leadership and personal skills,” reads the official website.

With ASI providing the interests of students in multiple ways, how do students partake in this program? Surprisingly, not many students know what ASI is.

After surveying students around campus to see how they felt about ASI, a large majority of students, especially in the Student Union where the main office is, have never heard about the program that claims to “represent the interest, needs, and concerns of over 17,000 students to the CSUSB administration, faculty and staff.”

“I’ve heard about them, but I don’t know what they do,” was the type of answer I usually heard out of students. One could debate on whether this program alone “represents” the needs of the entire student body, especially when a good portion of those students haven’t even heard about them.

However, after looking at the official list of Board of Directors, I found it interesting that most in charge are made up of students.

The key advantage of having students as directors is that they have first hand knowledge of the needs and interests of their fellow students. This gives ASI the perfect opportunity to reach out to students, as is explained by their logo “for the students, by the students.”

Students should take advantage of great programs like this on campus. Unfortunately, some students are focused on getting their degree over and done with that they don’t take the time to get involved in campus and miss out on opportunities that programs like ASI provide.

The students who do know about the program enjoy the events and activities ASI provides. “They do good programs for school,” said senior Rosalinda Furgosa, “I think they should do more events.”

Programs such as ASI are not only a valuable resource to students to enjoy or take a break from hectic schoolwork, but it adds on to the college experience. With scholarships and discounts provided, students should take advantage of ASI, especially during a financially hectic time where saving money is on the mind of every student.


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