Lucifer: the devil has his charm

Tom-Ellis-Lucifer-FoxBy Marvin Garcia |Staff Writer|

In the City of Angels the devil walks the Earth in a suit, and he is British.

Fox Network’s new night series “Lucifer premiered this past Jan. 25 bringing the devil to the spotlight but not as the dark lord you thought he would be; rather, Lucifer sets out to what could be a journey for redemption.

Based on the popular character from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, the prince of darkness has decided to take a break from Hell, for a life of liquor, night music, and crime solving.

After the murder of a close friend, the fallen angel collaborates with LAPD detective Chloe Decker in their search for the culprit while also punishing the wicked.

Yet for Lucifer it could be more of a struggle between the good versus evil within himself.

From watching the previews I was intrigued with the idea of finally having a depiction of this notorious biblical figure, seeing how he lives his days among humanity.

Tom Ellis (“Merlin,” “The Strain”), who portrays the lead characters, nails the title role completely by showing charm and mischievous/sexy personality.

There is absolutely chemistry with all characters that directly interact with Lucifer, just keep the children away from him.

You might expect for the root of all evil to be merciless and a real power hungry monster, but he turns out to be spontaneously funny and sexy.

Producers allowed Ellis to retain his English accent, and honestly, this is something that is not bothering or makes him look out of character, but renders more variation.

Do not be mistaken, the devil does have an ugly face as proven in the climax moment of the episode.

The feeling of the show does feel like your typical crime drama, the only difference is the mixture of the supernatural.

Going from one lead to another, threatening drug addicted rappers, and sleeping with your therapist is all part of Lucifer’s first day.

I have expectations for the series in the hopes they remain true with the source material.

It is too early say, but Lucifer could yet surprise you as audiences have yet to see other iconic characters such as the archangel Michael, or the demoness Lilith.

One thing that could really spice things at one point would be the appearance of John Constantine played by Matt Ryan whose show unfortunately ended to quickly in my opinion.

Something tells me we are going to see more of what made the devil who he is.

The whole “Sympathy for the Devil” may just have found its validation as we see him taking therapy with his attractive psychologist by having a little fun under the sheets.

Stay tuned for more hot spice and crime solving on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

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