Look forward to Open Mic Night

Mass Productions member Zen Reynor performing at the open mic

Mass Productions club will hold an open mic event again this quarter on March 12 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The event will be in the Upper Commons and is free. It is open to anyone who has a passion for art, poetry, music and people.

Mass Productions is a music club on campus that provides a media platform for all creators and musicians to display their work, share ideas, collaborate, teach, learn and promote all things music.

The club was founded in fall of 2016 to start a movement in the music realm with the idea to make connections, network with others and gain a more hands-on experience into what the music industry is like.

This opens up other opportunities for artists trying to get their work out to the public.

One of the event planners is Oscar Mephors, a Business Administration major, who also acts as the open mic host. He makes the artist who perform feel welcome and makes sure he provides a great vibe for the people who attend.

Luis Vargas, a Music major, contributes as a manager of the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly with no hiccups.

“I had to keep in contact with each performer and tell them when they were up next,” said Vargas.

He was also in charge of the lighting. The performers gave him their instrumentals or audios, and he prepared it so there was no awkward silence in between performances.

A senior student on campus, and a member of Mass Productions, Erick Valencia said, “We had a great outcome last quarter. I’m surprised a lot of people came out to the event. We had over 60 people.”

Valencia made sure that all the technical aspects of the event were all working and ready to go. He also provided visuals using a software called Resolume, which added a whole new element to the open mic.

A little over 20 performers showcased their work.

The Mass Productions club anticipates the upcoming open mic to be an upscaled version of the previous one.

The open mic last quarter was held in the Bay in the San Manuel Student Union.

The capacity in that room is at least 35 people. But they exceeded that limit, with people comfortably sitting on the floor snacking away as they watched the performers.

Since the open mic will be held in the Commons, it will leave more room for people who want to come by and join the event and those who want to perform. There will also be food nearby, with the cafeteria conveniently close.

There will be sign-up sheets the day of and participants are recommended to be an hour early if they want to perform. The open mic accepts all different types of performances, but spots will be limited.

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