London gets bloody gory

By Andrea Jimenez | Staff Writer |

“London Has Fallen” was not my favorite film, but I cannot say that it did not keep me in suspense, while shedding a couple tears as my deepest thoughts went to the lives lost in the many terrorist attacks that have impacted our lives and made history rise.

Following the mysterious death of the British prime minister, the world’s leaders gathered in London to pay their respects.

Before they kneel down and say their last goodbye, the city of lights quickly arose in massive explosions, becoming the city of gore.

Decapitation seemed to be the main theme in this action filled sequel, as terrorists had no mercy on anyone, leaving puddles of flesh and a city full of smoke and fire.

At the beginning of the film, it was hard to keep up with all the characters, but it wasn’t long  before they were  brutally killed off, leaving only the president of the United States, Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and his loyal companion, U.S. Secret Agent, Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) as the main focus.

Banning’s character was very brave and empowering, although he encountered many obstacles it did not stop him from protecting the president and defeating the terrorists.

His character developed through the duration of the movie, making the exaggerated fighting scenes seem natural.

I felt three emotions: disgust, humor and compassion—sometimes all at once.

Despite all the action, violence and suspense, they managed to throw in a little humor to lighten the mood.

“I was wondering when you were gonna come out of the closet,” said Banning after the president literally stepped out of the closet and shot a terrorist in the head, saving Banning’s life.

The sound of guns going off ripped through my ears as if I were next to a firework display show, and the echo of the ear-splitting “BOOM!” carried on, making it hard to concentrate on the story.

The president was held captive in a lonesome building, where all the main terrorists were getting ready to seek revenge by murdering him.

This was my favorite scene because it showed the major character development in the president.

Surrounded by enemies, with no bodyguard to protect or guide him, the president managed to take care of himself; he didn’t show fear and refused to be submissive to the enemies, adopting to Banning’s bravery.

The ending was not impressive, fighting off 100 terrorists, saving the president, and surviving a huge explosion  was not exactly original.

I would rate this movie a three out of five paws, because the bloody scenery violated my eyes, but if you’re into all the gore and action, I highly recommend it.

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