Local Shootings leave students shocked

By Katherine Henley |Staff Writer|

San Bernardino County has a reputation of being unsafe among most residents, who reside here. There have been at least three shootings brought to the publics’ attention in the area surrounding the school in the past weeks. To add to this reputation a man robbed the Weinerschnitzel, located at 190 Baseline in Rialto. The suspect used a gun to force the employees to the back of the store and stuffed undisclosed amounts of money into his jacket before leaving said the police, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

Then, in the 1300 block of Garner Ave in San Bernardino a 16-year-old boy was fatally wounded and his brother was shot in the foot after getting into a fight.

The gunman who shot the two boys remains at large, according to the SB Sun. These shootings are all occurring in a small radius around campus. As well, these establishments where shootings are happening are public places that college students frequently visit, such as fast food restaurants.

Another crime that hit close to CSUSB was a shooter who shot a 20-year-old man at a Taco bell drive-thru.

The SB Sun stated that he accosted the man going through the driveway, demanding his wallet. The victim handed the wallet to the gunman and then was shot and died as a result of the wound.  “It makes me nervous to know that there has been this many shootings around here,” said student Brittany Marcuea.

Not only are the crimes happening in the city, but they are taking place close to campus. The businesses around the CSUSB campus cater to students. Two out of the three crimes being mentioned were committed at fast food restaurants.

“As a mother, I worry about my child going to get food late at night in the area now. I wish I did not have to worry about such a simple thing like eating out,” concerned CSUSB parent Jill Henley expressed after hearing the news about the recent shootings.

Obviously, these types of businesses are easy targets.

“I feel safe when I’m on campus but I don’t feel very safe outside of campus especially at night. I usually drive straight home,” said student James Maloney.

Although there have been firearm incidents in the area, Chief Jimmie Brown, stated that he is not concerned about fire arms on campus due to the laws that are strictly enforced by the police force here at CSUSB. Also, there are signs around campus stating that fire arms are prohibited from being carried onto campus.

Even though students and parents are concerned about the string of shootings that have occurred in a small radius around campus, police officers here are keeping the campus as crime free as possible, especially when it comes to fire arms and making sure people are abiding the laws as well as strictly enforcing them.

If any incident were to happen here on campus, it would be best to contact the CSUSB police as soon as possible. If you’re interested in viewing the safety policies on campus, you can visit http://adminfin.csusb.edu/police/safetyreport.htm#policies.



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