Local Halloween parties and witches brew

By Antonio Suarez |Staff Writer|

The fear of the season is creeping in. Halloween is near and a series of local events in the community will help students enjoy the fall holiday favorite.

Sturges Center for the Performing Arts is having a series of events over the coming weekends leading to Halloween in order to provide a scare to students and residents.

Sturges Center will have haunted catacombs, a pumpkin patch, outdoor entertainment and several vendors selling treats and other Halloween themed items.

“I’m excited to go through the haunted catacombs and to be scared,” said student Lucy Barragan. “I’ve been to other local haunted houses, but I’m hoping Sturges Center will stand out with their costumes and set up.”

Admission to the haunted catacombs is $13.

In addition, the Robert Fullerton Museum of Modern Art (RAFMMA) on campus will be hosting a Dia de los Muertos event in order to celebrate the holiday and Mexican culture.

RAFMMA will be hosting the event on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

There is no cost of admission, and students and residents can enjoy complimentary parking.

There will be a community altar, Aztec dancers, a DJ and refreshments provided.

Redlands is also hosting a series of events leading up to Halloween. One event of interest for those students who are of drinking age is a Halloween Party that Hanger 24, a local brewery, is hosting on Saturday, Oct. 29. Guests are encouraged to wear their costumes and the brewery will be hosting local bands for entertainment.

“Hanger 24 is a cool place. It’s already a bit creepy at night and seeing people in costume will definitely make it better,” said student Angelica Davalos.

Hanger 24 is located at the Municipal Redlands Airport. It is surrounded by empty lots and fields that will create a perfect setting for spotting vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts.

There are endless amounts of fun that can be had this upcoming Halloween both on and off campus. Aside from all these events, there is still the traditional trick-o’-treating on Halloween Night that can be done in any city.

Although there is only one night of free candy, these local events prove that there can be more than one night of fun.


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