Live Art at Bbit Brewing

By Blair Hernandez |Staff Writer|

Excitement flocked the streets of Murrieta at 8 Bit brewing company Saturday evening, presented by Ryan’s Comics, which featured live art by Menso, fire dancers, over 30 artists parading unique pieces of art and poetic scriptures.

“This was actually my first poetry reading besides being a rapper and musician. I use to work for Ryan’s comics. He’s a good friend of mine. Ryan gave me the opportunity to perform,” said Taylor Tribble.

Growing up in the small town of Winchester California, inspirational skateboarder and believer of walking with God. “My mom is my muse because she never gave up. I battled but she has always been there for me. She’s my hero,” said Tribble.

“I really like the poetry reading. He was passionate and reminded me of Eminem becoming his own individualist like in the movie 8 mile,” said musician and freelance landscaper, James Moore.

“I have a personal calling. I want to become my own entity as an artist. It’s a challenge being someone diverse but my goal is breaking the mold. Ultimately being transparent and being taken serious,” said Tribble.

Adventuring into the wizarding world of Harry Potter by catching the eyes of fans that grew up comprehending the unforgettable series. Charli Bailey’s magical handcrafted wands represent variant personalities to find our inner wizards.

“I was inspired by the original book Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone in grade school when my fifth grade teaches took me and my classmates to the school library. Reading these books took me to a different place,” said Bailey.

Mother of two, Grace Love exhibits support for a friend, Ryan. The owner and founder of Ryan’s comics located in Murrieta.

“I wanted my children to be exposed to the culture of art. I grew up with using acrylics and watercolors. I love the fact this place is family oriented, “said Love.

“I bought two wands from Charli. What caught my attention were the flowers and stars carefully crafted. It’s more like a collectors’ item rather used to play with,” stated Grace Love.

Determined and freelance artist Tai Ndungi attended the grand opening 8 Bit brewery. “I’ve been drawing for about seven years now.  My greatest pieces are narito using red and green hues. My ideas come from video games inspired by final fantasy,” said Ndungi.

Fitness junkie, full-time college student, rock climber and official nerd, Dale Moon accompanied the event with friends. “My favorite part about the event was the live music and the fire dancer. My fiancé loves beer and art,” said Moon.2



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