Athletes to lip sync for their lives

By Brandon Staton |Contriubting Writer|

The Athletics Department has put together a Lip Sync Battle between each athletic team with the fans helping to decide the winner.

Fans may know the names and stats of the players on the court or field, but fail to know what athletes do when they are not in their uniforms.

Athletics Academic Adviser, Megan McGarry created this event to form a stronger bond between the Coyote sports teams and students.

“This will build a family atmosphere to a sports programs that we really need to succeed,” said McGarry.

The battle is set up by rounds, where each team will face one another in the battle for a lip sync victory.

“Our coaches told us the winning mentality goes with everything so we have to win,” said Dylan Leonard, a member of the men’s basketball team.

All sports teams will be participating in this contest, which promises to be full of good match-ups. The last two teams standing will meet at the athletes’ banquet for the finale.

Athletes are required to wear outfits that complement their chosen song. The judges will base their scores on style, creativity and dance moves.

Some songs that will be peformed include “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child and “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent.

This lip sync battle is a chance to see CSUSB athletes out of their comfort zones. Lip syncing is going to take some real guts for the athletes.

“We are all going to be nervous and there are some crazy songs being performed so it should be real funny,” said Daryl Adigwu, guard for men’s basketball.

The event will bring the athletes and students together, promoting school spirit and possibly creating new friendships.

School spirit is one of the biggest parts of college sports, as the athletes want to win and perform well for their fellow class mates.

This will be the first Lip Sync Battle for the athletics teams, one of many changes for the Athletic Program that wants to bring the winning atmosphere back to San Bernardino.

Students attending the event are allowed to brings signs for their favorite team just like if they were at a game.

Student attendance will be important as the judges need help to decide the winners of each round based on the crowds reaction to each group.

The judges will be the student-athletes who decided not to perform in the event.

To see what team will be crowned the first Lip Sync Battle Champion or meet the members of your favorite athletics team, visit the Performing Arts building on April 29 at 6 p.m.

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