Letter from the editor

By Koby Heramil |Executive Editor|

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Congratulations class of 2014! It has been an honor to have attended California State University, San Bernardino and to have been your editor-in-chief for The Coyote Chronicle.

I first want to thank my outstanding staff for dedicating so much time and effort in providing a well put together newspaper. As you may know, the student-run newspaper is made by the students for the students, so to be a part of something that gives back is a great reward in itself.

To my managing editor and right-hand woman, Manal Museitef, you were my Advil to handling all the stress. I valued your opinion and insight more than anyone, it was as if you could read my mind. I wish you good luck next quarter. You’re going to make a fine executive editor. Everyone loves you and I do too. Your strong leadership and criticism will help the newspaper get to where it needs to be. Congratulations to the new executive editor of the Chronicle!

Greg Avetisyan, you were very helpful as an assistant managing editor. Thank you for always being so attentive and ready to offer any help. Again I’m sorry for eating your quesadilla, but you should be more specific when you say, “Have what you want.”

Marion Gil and Clarissa Toll, thank you both for holding down the news section. Because I was once news editor, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into searching for breaking stories and making sure to bring awareness to our campus. I’m so proud that you both sought that through. Marion and Clarissa, you work well with each other and I think that makes a big difference in the relationship of editor and assistant. I will miss every candy rush and creepy Post-It-Note.

Marlyn Rodriguez, I’m so glad we finally met, because you make a wonderful editor. You learn quickly and you’re so precise, which makes every obsessive-compulsive disorder person working with you very happy!

Ofelia Fuentes and Daniel DeMarco are the two most interesting people in the office working together. Thank you, Ofelia, for stepping up as editor and Daniel for being her wing-man. Even though you both would bicker like two siblings, you really collaborated well with each other. Daniel, I apologize for not always playing your tone of music, but hopefully you’ve come to understand and appreciate the Queen Bee for who she is. Also thank you, Ofelia, for rubbing in how much fun Coachella was, low-key hate you!

Abigail Tejada and Diana Ramos are the sweethearts of the bunch. Thank you for being the yin to the yang of the office, especially when things got crazy. Abi, your outfits were always on point. I’m sad we never got to wear our matching skirts. Diana, you’re too sweet, enough said. The arts and entertainment section has improved a great deal over the years. I can’t wait to see how much you both will improve by next quarter.

Shane Burrell and Kirolles Guirguis where do I begin? Well, I’ve never seen frenemies like you two before. All I can say is WOW! Shane, thank you for the huge debates and igniting Daniel’s interest to participate. Kirolles, you are the king of charades.

To the best damn copy editor, Maria Perry, thank you for being so patient. You have gained so much knowledge in the art of copy editing, I’m scared if you ever left. Thank you for your hard work as well as training Jake McMeans to be as skillful. I hope to see you both around the office when I come visit. You two are the back-bone of the newspaper.

Thank you, Jim Smart and Linda Sand, for keeping us all in check, without you it would be chaotic. The guidance you provided encourages us all to become better journalists.

To the readers, thank you for the support. We appreciate all the comments and feedback you gave. It’s what makes our newspaper better. I hope you will continue to read The Coyote Chronicle and bring it to life!

Thank you,

Koby Heramil


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