“Less is more” when it comes to CSUSB student’s Spring fashion

By Dalal Museitef |Asst. Features Editor|

Lengthy layers, Doc Marten boots and patterned pants are swarming the halls of CSUSB in this year’s Spring fashion trends.

At times, implementing bright colors into your wardrobe can make or break your outfit unless you’ve mastered it with confidence and correctness.

What most people should incorporate in their style is the phrase, “less is more.”

Enough with heels that hurt way too much to wear or as some may say, “beauty is pain”, the spiked hair that’s as hard as a rock and has no movement, the tight jeans that constrain your every movement, or the “messy” hair bun that takes weeks to perfect and ends up resembling a nest.

You can blend neutral colors into your apparel to achieve comfortable yet chic looks that don’t take longer than five minutes to put together.

Student Alba Cortez’s sense of style that revolves around comfort and casual looks.

Her sense of style seemed to vary in ambiguity. When I asked her what colors were an absolute no-no to wear together, she replied, “I wouldn’t wear orange and yellow,” but she quickly changed her mind and added, “No wait, those colors actually look good together.”

What caught my eye most about her outfit were her dark ruby oxford shoes from Asos, paired with blue patterned pants from Forever 21.


With these statement pieces, she evenly balanced her outfit with a structured tan, buckled suit-bag from Asos as well.

The personalities of marketing majors, Joel Valdiviez and Justin Argueta, shine through their everyday looks. They reflect comfort while still holding a stylish image.

Valdiviez wore an edgy tribal button down from a Salvation Army Thrift Store, which complimented his gentleman’s style haircut.

IMG_3289His look emphasized how easy it is to fuse bright colors but tame them down with darker pieces from the waist down.

He also cuffs his pants, pairing them with his matte black Doc Martens.

Valdiviez’s wardrobe reflects his life. “It depends on how I feel that day, whether it be emotionally, or financially, some days I like to stand out and some days I like to blend in,” stated via text messages.
His fashion inspiration comes from Moses Sumney, Theophilus and Kanye West.

Being an employee of PacSun for about four years, Argueta is ahead of the game when it comes to new trends and exclusive deals.

He sported his full attire from PacSun, which consisted of easy-to-work with colors and layers that fit cohesively to his “Yeezus” inspired look.

IMG_3311However, Argueta doesn’t consider his style the ‘Yeezus’ look.

He morphs his own splash of originality by adding a mesh jacket by the brand, Beentrill, which collaborated with Diamond Supply Co. to design it, also a green-sleeved long shirt that enhanced his simplistic look.

Although, I caught him on an off day, Argueta knew the depths of what he wore, even down to his shoes.

He completed his look with a clean cut pair of Native Apollo Moc shoes that elaborated his edgy side with a natural touch.

These minimalist pieces consist of simplistic styles that coordinate to a perfection without attempting to pull off the ‘try-too-hard’ look.



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