Leave the academic quarter system alone

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By Janeth Jaimes |Staff Writer|

Loydie Burmah | Chronicle PhotoI believe the quarter system, which requires students to attend classes for two and half months, works out perfectly for many students as the curriculum makes students work at a quicker pace.

In my opinion, the two-term semester system can drain the energy of students with its long periods that may last four or more months.

Adding more days to our quarter system will make us run out of energy and motivation because many students have many responsibilities apart from attending school.

“I would not like for school days to be extended because I work better [at a] faster pace and it allows me to not procrastinate since quarters are relatively short,” said junior Daniel Amaya.

The more days that are added to each quarter, the more likely students will procrastinate and pay less attention during lectures.

We are now all adults and we should learn how to work in a quick manner.

If we do not understand what something means, we should put in the extra effort by seeking help from tutoring sessions and other services.

Lengthening the quarter could interfere with our extra-curricular activities, family time, and especially work.

Students will not have enough time to complete homework or study for the next day’s lessons or quiz.

“I have every hour of every day planned,” said CSUSB senior Shelby Hancock.

“Changing my school schedule would mean my whole life would need to change,” added Hancock.

Adequate sleep is another issue, and unfortunately many college students do not get the proper amount needed.

Increased coursework from the added days in each quarter could interrupt our sleeping habits.

DSC_0080Dr. Clete Kushida, an associate professor in the department of psychiatry said, “There are data that sleep loss leads to learning and memory impairment, as well as decreased attention and vigilance.”

We need time for our ourselves, time to sleep, and engage in activities outside of coursework.Additionally, adding more days to the quarter can delay graduation for students.

Having the experience of the semester system at a community college has changed my perspective.

Even though I was a full-time student, it took me three years to finish all the requirements to transfer.

Finishing general education classes in addition to major classes is draining with the semester system.

It can mean more money, and most of us are on a budget or in debt.

Therefore, the faster students graduate, the faster they can start to pay back loans or help family.

Deshea Rushing, a professor in the English Department, presents another side to this debate.

“Students need more time to process information in the classroom,” said Rushing.

This is a valid point and maybe students do need more days to process the material for many classes.

However, I believe more days in the quarter could potentially mean that professors will assign more coursework instead of taking sufficient time to explain the material more effectively.

Adding more days to our quarter system will slow students down, and interfere with current and emerging responsibilities.

We should maintain our academic quarter term system as it is, and continue with current speed that we have all become accustomed to.

If any changes are made to extend it in the future, proper accommodations should be made with student life considered a top priority.



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