Lavigne seeks to return to roots

By Carmen Herrera |Staff Writer|

Avril Lavigne, released her fourth studio album “Goodbye Lullaby” after a four-year hiatus. The new album includes the top 20 hit single “What the Hell.”

Lavigne’s fourth effort heads a different direction than her previous multi-platinum album “The Best Damn Thing,” where fans experienced a more pop genre than her infamous punk-rock style.

“The album is not as pop-rock as my previous stuff. All my records have been really diverse: You’ve got your mid-tempo and then your super pop song and then a more aggressive one and a ballad.”

True to staying diverse, Lavigne has not completely shed her loud, upbeat, pop side. Fans of her previous pop album will not be disappointed with songs such as “Smile” and “Stop Standing There” shows high energy and catchy melodies that will make your head bop listening.

The album’s lead single, “What the Hell”, the most reminiscent her previous work, has been compared to her number-one single “Girlfriend” for its contagious groove and peppy vibe. Lavigne described it as the “most pop track on the record and the least personal song from the album.”

After covering the pop genre, Lavigne was ready to go back to her usual style with an album filled with emotion and heart.

“It’s stripped down,” says Lavigne to, “I love performing that way, so I really felt like it was time to make a record like that.”

Fans who enjoyed her deeply, grungy, punk style from 2002’s “Let Go” and 2004’s “Under My Skin”, will be pleased, as the majority of the album’s lyrics and tunes trace back to her darker side.

“Goodbye Lullaby’ is about saying goodbye to something that’s comforting, familiar, and opening a new chapter in life. This album for me is very bittersweet, and it’s just about life and all the different emotions, life being a journey and having to find inner strength,” said Lavigne to

Lavigne’s divorce to Sum 41 front-man Deryck Whibley no doubt influences the emotionally driven lyrics presented in the album.

Songs such as “Remember When” and “4 Real” all express heartbreak and sensitivity over relationships. Lyrics read: “I don’t wanna look back/Cause I know that we have something/The past could never change.”

The most personal and deep song of the album is the ballad “Goodbye” which influenced the album’s title. The song written and produced by Lavigne herself is seemingly directed towards Whilbey.

“Goodbye brown eyes/goodbye for now/take care of yourself” are the lyrics from the heartbreaking ballad. The song’s raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics can be described as the album’s best song which many of her fans can relate to.

The album also includes an extended version of last year’s single “Alice,” which was used in part of the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s highly successful film “Alice in Wonderland.”

The album’s mellow and deep music brings emotion that anyone can relate to Lavigne told Rolling Stone, “It’s so easy for me to do a boy-bashing pop song, but to sit down and write honestly about something I’ve been through, it’s a totally different thing.”

Four years in the making, Avril Lavigne fans will enjoy “Goodbye Lullaby” as it returns to Lavigne’s older musical style that launched her into stardom.



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