Lautner’s post-Twilight flick a fl op

By Tiffany Batson |Staff Writer|

You have to be a Taylor Lautner fan to really enjoy the film Abduction.

The film can be accurately described as a low budget version of the Bourne Identity Trilogy.

Although Abduction falls short in the action genre, the plot is still interesting and easy to follow. Taylor Lautner plays Nathan Harper, a high school student who discovers that his parents are not really what they seem.

The film quickly turns into a cat and mouse chase between him and the CIA.

The mystery of the film stems from the fact that his foster parents have held secrets from him his whole life and trained him to be very talented in mixed martial arts.

After he witnesses his foster parents’ murders, Nathan can’t trust anyone except his neighbor Karen, played by Lilly Collins. Collins gives a good performance as Taylor Lautner’s love interest and is almost equal to Lautner in the ‘eye candy’ factor.

During the film, Nathan rapidly has to become somewhat of an action hero in training. The conspiracy behind Nathan’s past gives the film only a minimally interesting edge.

Similar to most action movies, elements in the film’s plot are highly unlikely. If those scenes were slightly altered it could have made the movie more believable.

At one point Lautner jumps from a stairway and breaks his leg, but then continues on as if his broken leg never happened. In another scene, Lautner dials 911 and the call transfers to the CIA and the Europeans that are searching for him are also listening in. That situation seems far-fetched and just a simple and dumb way to move the plot along.

The dialogue could have been produced better and ultimately made scenes a little cheesy. Well regarded actors such as Sigourney Weaver should never use the phrase “Okie Dokey.”

All in all, the hokey dialogue was the main issue of the film, and if the actors had better lines to work with, the film could have been better overall.

Other well established actors casted in the film include Maria Bello, Jason Isaacs and Alfred Molina. The veteran supporting actors in the film did add to the film’s credibility, but their performances were ultimately wasted.

Abduction is a weak attempt at an action movie, but entertaining for those that just want to see a mediocre movie with Taylor Lautner constantly shirtless.

The film keeps Team Jacob fans content until the release of the film Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Taylor Lautner has potential to be a great actor and hopefully his future choices in films will help him out a little more.

Abduction was not a horrible movie, but definitely not Oscar worthy. If a viewer seeks a movie with heart pumping, edge of the seat style action, I would suggest another movie.


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