Land the next job interview with the right sense of style

By Yaneth Hoil |Staff Writer|

The clothes that you wear for your next job interview could make the difference between getting hired or being turned down. CSUSB students learned useful tips at the “Suit Up Fashion Show: How to Brand Your Professional Self.“

Some important tips for women are to wear a suit with a coordinated blouse, conservative shoes and a professional hairstyle.

Also make sure that your clothes are ironed, clean and fit your body comfortably. A modest well-fitting suit is better than one that looks like its two sizes too large.

There is no excuse for not having something adequate to wear according to the host of the fashion show. As long as you pay attention to detail and take the interview seriously nobody will be able to tell if you’re wearing a department store outfit or one that was purchased at a thrift store.

It’s acceptable to wear jewelry as long as it’s conservative and doesn’t make a large statement of already established wealth. Jewelry that seems too expensive could send the interviewer the message that you already have money and do not need the job.

For women, wearing extravagant accessories and provocative clothing can take the attention away from your qualifications for the job and shift the focus away from your interview.

Light makeup and perfume are preferred so the interviewer is not overwhelmed by the colors of your makeup or the strength of your fragrance.

Both men and women should always make sure that your nails and eyebrows are neatly groomed before you go to an interview because according to the host’s tips it reflects on you and your personality and it’s something that many interviewers pay close attention to.

Student Brenda Yasmin Luis said that after the fashion show she now sees shopping differently and is able to recognize the appropriate attire for interviews. Luis also admitted that she is now going to be more aware of her nails, jewelry and the fitting of her clothes. “I will put myself in the employer’s shoes and ask would I promote myself?”

“The fashion show was definitely worth my time because I got a better sense of style and now I know the do’s and don’ts,” said student Heidi Panichello. She also acknowledged that future fashion shows can help students to keep updated with trends.

Men should wear a suit, long sleeved shirt, tie, dark shoes and should always wear a belt in order to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Nordstrom Regional Recruiter Brian Viscusi said, “Dress appropriate for your age and style, what you are wearing should reflect that you have a genuine interest for the job and that you have respect for the interviewer’s time.”

Viscusi also added that Nordstrom provides wardrobe advice for those who call and make appointments.

Before you dress for the interview the fashion show panelists recommended that you know your audience by researching the culture and background of the company that you are interviewing for.

This will give you a better sense of how much creativity is acceptable and the type of clothes you should wear.

What’s essentially important is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and the way you look, and remember that the personality you reflect is more important than the price tag.


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