Lack of execution: Yote’s unable to close games

Erin Leach Women BB 6

By Erin Leach |Staff Writer|

The Women’s basketball team fell behind when they lost both Friday and Saturday night’s games on Jan. 18 and 19.

“This weekend we didn’t come out and work hard and strong from the beginning, if we focus and work continually throughout the game, we will have better results,” said senior guard Jaslyn Cosey.

With two games in the hole the Yote’s now have a record of 6-8 overall and 4-6 in the CCAA league.

Neither one of the games played were completely dominated by the Coyote competition. In the game against CSU East Bay, the Yote’s lost by only three points with a end score of 54-57.
The following night the final score was 47-55.

“We should have played ten times better, in fact we should have beat both teams,” said junior guard Trinidee Trice. “On Friday night, we just came out slow, we need to work on playing the full 40 minutes.”

CSU East Bay seemed to maintain control throughout the duration of the game with a big lead to start with despite a comeback effort by the Coyotes.
There came a point in the game in which the Yote’s only trailed by two points to try to take the lead.

“We need to avoid mental lapses, stop missing chippy layups and free throws,” said Trice.

On Saturday against the CSU Monterey Bay Otters, the Coyotes had a 28-17 lead going into the half, but were unable to keep up in the latter half of the game.

In the last 20 minutes the Coyotes could only manage a total of 19 points, which wasn’t enough to hold back the Otters from making a comeback.

“We need to up our intensity because we have the talent for great basketball, but just need to work harder in order to execute it,”said Cosey.

Freshman Alexcia Mack said “We need to play more as a team, if we could share the ball just a little bit more and throw in that extra pass every now and then, we would be set.”

However, the star players continue to shine this season.

Alexcia Mack had a game high 12 points against CSU East Bay and Trice and Eliza Dy followed behind with 10 points each. Trice has a game high of eight rebounds.

When the Coyotes took on the Otters, Cosey lead the team with 13 points total and Trice again contributed 10 points to the overall score.

For the next couple weeks fans should expect nothing less of the all stars as they continue to work on their individual game.

“I’m just making sure to remember to take care of the ball, and continue to work on my shooting outside of team practices,” said Mack.

“Extra gym time to work on the individual game is always good, I try to do that as much as possible on my alone time,” said Trice.

In the upcoming games the Coyote women are looking to improve on their defensive focus. “The coaches prepare us well for competition, they provide a solid game plan, its all a matter of sticking to that plan,” said Trice.

The Coyotes will take on one of their fiercest competitors, CSU Los Angeles, in their home town, on Feb.1 and CSU Dominguez Hills Toros on Feb. 2.

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