Coyote Jock Talk: Kyrie Irving suffers concussion

By Jazmin Jett |Staff Writer|

It is extremely unfortunate for this year’s number one pick in the NBA draft, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who was diagnosed with a concussion before Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The affliction which caused Irving’s condition occurred during Cleveland’s game against Miami on Tuesday.

Irving clashed with Heat forward Chris Bosh, during an attempted shot. It was then that he fell back and hit his head on the knee of Dwyane Wade.

Kyrie, who has no history of past concussions, continued playing; he didn’t display any signs of a health issue.

Irving arrived at the Quicken Loans Arena the afternoon of Wednesday’s game and even participated in a team walkthrough without any difficulties.

It wasn’t until later, while practicing on the arena’s main floor that Kyrie had complications.

“He went out and warmed up and said his head felt like it was on fire,” said Cavs coach, Byron Scott.

Diagnosed with a concussion by team physician A.J. Cianflocco, Irving sat out the game and was replaced by teammate Ramon Sessions.

Coach Scott neglected to speak on Irving’s injury or his possible absence from the game during a media briefing prior to the game but his injury was late disclosed antecedently before tip-off.

Kyrie, who started all 23 of the Cavaliers games, also looked forward to his match up against Clippers guard Chris Paul, who commented on the rookie’s skills. “He’s really good with the ball and his decision-making. . . He can really play.” said Paul.

It is currently unknown when Irving will be able to return.


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