Kwame’s consistency: basketball

By Brittany Filippini |Staff Writer|

CSUSB men’s basketball team may have lost against UCLA on, but that is not dampering CSUSB’s Kwame Alexander’s hopes of winning a championship this season.

Confidence in their potential success in the upcoming season has ballooned after the close contest the Coyotes had with UCLA.

“We are pretty close, especially after playing UCLA we know how to come together,” said Alexander.

He has high hopes for his future, including hopefully playing for the NBA. He says he wants to continue a basketball career at CSUSB, pursue opportunities overseas after graduation, and work hard toward reaching the ultimate goal of making it to the NBA.

Alexander’s childhood was full of inconsistencies.

He was born in La Merada, CA, but has lived all over the U.S.

“My favorite place I lived was Tennessee. What I loved so much about it was the tall mountains.”

Even though he has moved around all his life, sports has managed to remain a consistent part of Alexander’s life. He stayed busy when he was younger by playing basketball, football, baseball and tennis.

“Basketball has been a part of my life since I was three years old,” said Alexander.

Hardships Alexander has faced in his life include keeping grades up, the time he is able to spend with his family (or lack thereof) and constantly moving from state to state.

“I use my free time wisely by studying and getting tutored. I always make the time for family and friends,” said Alexander.

He explained he has had to overcome injuries and the mental obstacles of the game.

“I overcame them by pushing through and concentrating on the positive and overall picture,” said Alexander.

He said his best moment playing basketball here at CSUSB is when he got a double-double at home against Cal Poly Pomona.

Alexander hopes to graduate with a degree in anthropology in the spring of 2013, and wants to take a few things along with him.

“I plan on taking with me communication, hard work, respect and dedication. Those four things are essential to become successful in life,” said Alexander.

Many people who see him may be intimidated by his large stature, his seemingly angry expressions or even his hair.

Overall however, Alexander considers himself to be friendly and very charismatic.

That is, until he steps on the court of course. When that happens, he becomes that intimidating force we’ve all learned to fear and admire


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