KSHMR bring new talent to EDM

http-::youredm.youredm1.netdna-cdn.com:wp-content:uploads:2015:08:kshmr.png?7deb20By Natalie Padron |Staff Writer|

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, better known as KSHMR, is an EDM producer hailing from Berkeley, Calif.

Dhar is Kashmiri-American and got his stage name from a province of India called Kashmir, also referred to as, “paradise on earth.”

He originally was part of the hip-hop production duo The Cataracs, who released hits such as; “Like a G6” with Far East Movement, “Bass Down Low” with DEV, and Selena Gomez’s second hit off her debut album “Stars Dance.”

It was just 2014 when KSHMR debuted solo, and in 2015 landed no.23 on DJ magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s of the year, also he earned himself the award for highest new entry of the year.

He also took the stage at the hottest event of the season, Coachella, sharing his beats with the young and festival fashion clad.

KSHMR’s latest EP “The Lion Across the Field” is set to release May 13, and like his previous work, it’s very promising.

An EP is a sample of work that is longer than a single, but still too short to be considered a full studio album.

“The Lion Across the Field” will be streaming through Spinnin’ Records.

On this new EP, he pays homage to Indian culture through his use of original beats to create Bollywood inspired tracks, while staying true to electronic dance music.

Music major Michael Bryant is heavily an EDM fan and find this DJs “chill melody” and culturally themed tracks to be something we have not heard before, and they are quite enjoyable.

While each track blends so nicely into the next they are all distinctly unique and fresh to the EDM scene.

Student Alondra Leon, like most others, knows of Dhar’s Cataracs fame, but she became intrigued with his different style.

“He definitely has a bright future ahead of him with a new sound that he can expand on,” said Leon.

“I would expect good things from him, since The Cataracs’ had some huge hits, but I’m curious to see how his solo spin can take it to the next level,” added Leon.

“Dead Man’s Hands” is the most interesting track, which creates an intoxicating ominous feeling in the first few bars and then completely let’s go and has you going all in, taking over your body in less than a minute.

For those who have never been EDM listeners, KSHMR can be the one to changes that with his intricate style.

Alexandrea Clark, a second year student, who fancies herself an EDM listener, could certainly see herself jumping around to KSHMR’s music at any future festival.

In fact, Clark already has one of his tracks on her phone, “Wildcard” featuring vocals by Sidnie Tipton, which not only has its Middle-Eastern flare on it, but also a jazzy old-fashioned vibe.

When asked if she thinks Dhar could be playing the big stages this time next year, she answered, “I don’t really look up new music, so the fact that it’s already around enough to pop-up on things I might like, he definitely could be.”

You’re not going to want to miss this release—because this intense body-shaking journey of an EP is going to be huge and you don’t want to be left in KSHMR’s dust.

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